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SEC preview, Week 11: Can Les Miles put special pressure on Nick Saban Saturday night?

Here's what the rest of the conference is up to this weekend.

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With the exception of THE GAME OF THE CENTURY THE GAME OF THE YEAR THE GAME OF THE WEEK a pretty big matchup between Alabama and LSU, there aren't many compelling games in the SEC this weekend. On the bright side, at least most of these stinkers begin before noon so we can get them over with early. Helping me reveal this week's picks will be Google's opinion of favored fan bases. Let's get to it. As always, all times listed are Central.

(13)LSU @ (1)Alabama: 7 p.m., CBS

LSU's inexplicable loss to Ole Miss has certainly robbed this game of the gravitas that it has carried in recent years, but there is still plenty on the line for both teams. The Tide are obviously playing for a chance at another crystal football, and LSU doesn't want to see Auburn replace it as the "other" elite team in the West. Through the first third of the season, LSU looked to be the stronger, better balanced team. Then, suddenly, Alabama magically transformed into the (not at all dirty) juggernaut of football that we all thought it would be. My heart says to pick LSU to march right into Tuscaloosa and upset the mighty Tide, but my head just won't let me do it. At least Google proves what my heart tells me to be true ...

The pick:

Mississippi State @ (15)Texas A&M: 2:30 p.m., CBS

Yep. CBS chose this game. Turns out that the prospect of Johnny Football doing Johnny Football things all over the Bulldog defense will probably make for better teevee than Gus Malzahn slowly squeezing the life out of a team with 64 consecutive five yard runs by Tre Mason. Oh well -- it's America's loss, really. They'll just have to make due with Manziel, who seems like the type of guy who would really love more Heisman hype, right? I wouldn't be shocked to see him start absolutely obliterating some people in the next few weeks. He's got memorabilia value to consider. Side note: Google has no opinion on Texas A&M whatsoever. Neither will anyone else once Manziel leaves school after this season.

The pick:

Vanderbilt @ Florida: 11 a.m., FSN

Remember that one time Jay Cutler led his Commodores to overtime against Florida in the Swamp? That was fun. We'd all like to see that again, wouldn't we? Problem is, Vanderbilt doesn't have a Jay Cutler anymore. The Commodores have something called a Patton Robinette. I don't know what that is, but it sure seems to like throwing interceptions. Vanderbilt is getting better, and will have a win over Georgia to hang its hat on at year's end. The 'Dores will have to settle for that, though, because they won't score enough points to topple Florida.

The pick:

Arkansas @ Ole Miss: 11:21 a.m., SECN

Here's what we know about Arkansas: The Razorbacks the type of team that you can play your worst game against and still win comfortably. Bo Wallace and Ole Miss certainly aren't having the season they were hoping for, but they have had moments of great football; just ask LSU. Bret Bielema is probably going to turn Arkansas into a terribly boring/efficient jumbo rushing team at some point, but it's not now. Ole Miss wins at home comfortably. What's the deal, Google? "Ole Miss fans are in the nfl"? Ole Miss players are barely in the NFL. I expected more from you.

The pick:

(8)Missouri @ Kentucky: 11 a.m., ESPNU

What happens when you have a game between the two bookend teams in the eastern division? Basketball season, that's what. Kentucky was able to snap a five-game losing streak against Alabama State, but most people seem to think that Missouri is better at stuff than Alabama State is. I'll go with their expertise. According to Google, Missouri fans are too nice. I assume that the proximity to elite barbecue is directly related to a generally sunny countenance (more like "inversley related" - ed.). #SCIENCE

The pick:

Appalachian State @ Georgia: 11:30 a.m., ESPN3

Samford. Charleston Southern. North Carolina A&T. These are just some of the teams that have defeated Appalachian State this season. This is a game that even Mark Richt can't blow. Thank goodness Georgia will get a week to rest up before the Auburn game. As far as our Google facts go ... well, that does sound about right.

The pick:

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