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The College and Mag Show: Dec. 18, 2013

GUS TO TEXAS??? No, probably not.

Kevin C. Cox

The Dec. 18 episode of The College and Mag Show is up on War Eagle Sports Radio. As always, you can listen via the station's iOS app, TuneIn Radio or the player widget below.

In this edition, we spend a good chunk of time discussing the Gus Malzahn-to-Texas rumors and possibilities. Yes, even though Gus has agreed to a new contract, it is possible. But, we don't think it's all that likely, and we give reasons why. After that, it's time to reminisce on some of our favorite moments from the 2013 regular season. The Georgia and Alabama games were so huge, a lot of folks might forget that there were a ton of other great plays and games throughout the year.

Finally, we wrap up with just a little Florida State talk, getting into what worries us most about the matchup with the Seminoles. In the next couple of weeks, we'll dive much deeper into this game.

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