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NCAA Tournament 2013: Join the College and Magnolia bracket challenge, win a $50 gift card to the AU Bookstore

Basketball season was pretty much awful for Auburn fans, but if you win the College and Magnolia bracket challenge, you'll at least have a silver lining.

It's NCAA Tournament time, which means Auburn fans will take part in their annual tradition of watching other teams compete for college hoops national title. Since you'll be doing that anyway, why not join the College and Magnolia bracket challenge? If you win, we'll send you a gift card good for $50 worth of merchandise at the Auburn University Bookstore

To join the bracket challenge, sign up for/log in to your Yahoo account, and click here. The group ID number is "93914," and the password is "wareagle." Once you're in the group, fill out your bracket, sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you're still in need of a bracket you can print and, you know, fill out by hand, we've got you covered. Click on the image below, print it out, fill it out and post it somewhere that will bring shame to your co-workers and family members. Since you're going to win, you want to make sure everyone knows how smart you are, right? Right.


As with any contest, there are rules and regulations. For the official College and Magnolia bracket challenge rules, click here.