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Mike Dyer wants a shot at Arkansas?

Former Auburn running back Mike Dyer wants one last chance in college football, this time at Arkansas.

Butch Dill

Mike Dyer, the running back who was named BCS Championship Game MVP as a freshman and has since been kicked off two football teams, wants to play again in the SEC. Dyer told Little Rock CBS affiliate KTHV that he's got his life back on track and would like to play for Bret Bielema's Arkansas Razorbacks.

Dyer certainly sounds like he's matured and grown as a person, but it's hard to ignore his past. From apparent attitude issues, to supposed failed drug tests leading to his dismissal at Auburn, to his dubious testimony at Anthony Goodwin's trial, to a traffic stop leading to his dismissal at Arkansas State, Dyer is carrying plenty of baggage. He says he's working out, taking classes and has changed his ways, but with such a sketchy background, will he get another chance?

While many may say he's already been given enough opportunities, I hope he gets one more. Yes, Dyer has done plenty to be written off and never heard from again, but he has so much talent, it would be a shame to see wasted, a la Maurice Clarett. If he really has gotten his act together -- and admittedly, that's a big "if" -- Arkansas would be wise to let him prove himself. Honestly, it's a situation that offers pretty low risk with potentially high reward for the Razorbacks. If Dyer were to flame out again, we'd all have a laugh at the expense of Arkansas and move on. But if he shows up, works hard and stays on the straight and narrow, he could be an All-SEC back or better for the Hogs.

Of course, as an Auburn fan, maybe I should rethink my position. While it would be nice to see Dyer redeem himself, the idea of him running wild on the Tigers' defense isn't pleasant.

UPDATE: Well, so much for that.