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MOAR RYAN TELLA! (in 2014)

One of Auburn's most exciting baseball players is planning on a return for the 2014 season.

Todd Van Emst photo

You like good baseball news? Here's good baseball news. Auburn outfielder Ryan Tella announced (via Twitter) that he will be returning for his senior season on the Plains.

Tella was (surprisingly) undrafted in 2013 but did return to Auburn after being drafted in 2012 by the San Francisco Giants in the 11th round.

Last season, Tella hit .259 with three homer runs, five doubles, 20 walks, 47 strikeouts and a slugging percentage of .361. His 2013 campaign was a far cry from his breakthrough debut in 2012, when he stormed to a .360 average, five homers and a .508 slugging percentage.

Tella's return will add stability to an Auburn outfield that hopes to feature Sam Gillikin, Jackson Burgreen, Hunter Kelley, Bobby Andrews and Rock Rucker.

At the very least, Auburn will get at least one more season of Chris and me doing our best Marlon Brando-in-Streetcar impression:


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