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SEC review, Week 3: Alabama wins the rematch

Here are your one-sentence recaps for each and every SEC game over the weekend.

Scott Halleran

In the Game of the Century (of this month), Alabama and Texas A&M proved once and for all that the SEC is a offense-centric conference.  Let's go to the scores:

Alabama 49, Texas A&M 42

Alabama's offensive line problem was apparently overblown, and A&M's defense problem wasn't.

Arkansas 24, Southern Miss 3

Bert and co. slogged through another win against what should be a vastly inferior opponent.

Florida: Open date

After Florida's offensive performance against Miami, Gator fans were probably glad to have a week off.

Georgia: Open date

Sure was a nice weekend for golf.

Louisville 27, Kentucky 13

Losing by just two touchdowns to Louisville will probably be Kentucky's best victory this season.

LSU 45, Kent State 13

LSU continues to look good, but the season-opening win over TCU doesn't look quite as good after the Frogs' loss to Texas Tech.

Missouri: Open date

Play a game or don't play a game; we don't really care, Missouri.

Ole Miss 44, Texas 23

Ole Miss fans get twitchy with talk of pine boxes, but that's exactly where the Rebs put Mack Brown's Texas coaching career.

South Carolina 35, Vanderbilt 25

Carolina outgained Vandy, 579-268, and still found itself in a somewhat competitive game; we didn't know that was possible.

Oregon 59, Tennessee 14

Good news: The Vols scored the first and last touchdowns of the game; bad news: Oregon did a little bit of damage in between.

More from College and Magnolia:

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