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2014 College Football Playoff

News and Information about the College Football Playoff

Final Regular Season Polls

A look at the way the AP, Coaches, and College Football Playoff polls ended up for the regular season.

2014 Playoff Snub Survival Kit

Don't know how to survive if your team gets snubbed from this year's Playoff? We might have some experience with that...

College Football Playoff Rankings: 5th Edition

We look at where Auburn stands and set up the second straight Iron Bowl between Top 15 ranked teams.

TV Schedule & Rooting Guide

With Atlanta/the Playoff out of the picture, it's back to basics--root for Auburn first, and whoever's playing Alabama second. Some great football with little to no pressure.

College Football Playoff Rankings: 4th Edition

The Tigers are out of the championship picture, but where do they stand overall in the committee's rankings?

TV schedule and Rooting Guide: Let CHAOS Reign

What games are on TV this weekend, and who Auburn fans should be pulling for in order for the Tigers to make it to Atlanta and back into the playoff race.

Auburn's Road from Here to Arlington

Auburn's championship dream is endangered, but not extinct. Contributor Josh Dowdy projects the Tigers' remaining schedule and playoff opponents.

College Football Playoff Rankings: 3rd Edition

Looking at this week's College Football Playoff Rankings.

College Football TV Guide: Week 11

Your guide to all of the college football on TV this weekend.

Coffee and Magnolia: 5 November 2014

Your daily dose of Auburn

College Football Playoff Rankings

Last week the Tigers were #3. Where do the Tigers stand in the second Top 25 released by the College Football Playoff Committee?

TAKES. 3rd ED. VOL. 8.

Blake's takes on the game.

Post Week 10 College Football Polls

The Amway Coaches Poll and AP Top 25 are out. Check out where the Tigers and other teams stand.

The View From the Couch: The Ole Miss Game

Auburn won a hard fought game that is a bit bitter sweet after seeing the injury to Ole Miss receiver Laquon Treadwell. The Tigers improved to 7-1 on the season.

Auburn Wins. Prayers for Laquon Treadwell.

Auburn escapes Oxford with the 35-31 victory.

Know Your Enemy: Q&A with Red Cup Rebellion

We talked with the folks over at Red Cup Rebellion about the game.

A College Football Playoff Question...

Does the location of the semifinal game matter to you?

Coffee and Magnolia: 29 October 2014

A look at the College Football Playoff, Auburn football, congrats to a lady golfer, and good luck to Tim Hudson!

College Football Playoff Rankings

The Committee has released its first ever rankings.


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