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The College and Mag Show: Jan. 15, 2014

More listener questions and discussion on rival coordinators.

Kevork Djansezian

The newest episode of The College and Mag Show is available on War Eagle Sports Radio. As usual, listen via the station's iOS app, TuneIn Radio or the player widget below.

This time around, we open with discussion on a couple of coordinator hires by Auburn's biggest rivals: Lane Kiffin on offense at Alabama and Jeremy Pruitt on defense at Georgia. Are these fantastic or terrible hires? Should Auburn fans be scared or celebrating? The proper reaction is probably somewhere in the middle.

After coordinator talk, it's time for more listener questions submitted through the #AskCollegeAndMag hashtag. There's plenty of back-and-forth on football, but we get into basketball and other Auburn sports, too. Topics include whether or not Auburn basketball would be more successful if Tony Barbee had a beard, preference for success in either basketball or baseball and how to follow the hardball tigers from afar.

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