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Coffee and Magnolia: Oct 1st

This is going to be short and sweet, but here are some news dumps!

Butch Dill has a number of articles up about Auburn, this morning. One in particular by Brandon Marcello talks of Auburn's search for a 4-man pass rush.

Another article speaks to Duke Williams being the main WR target so far this season.

Kevin Scarbinsky is here to tell us that "Unlike last year, Auburn can't lose to LSU and expect to win the SEC." I can't say that I really agree with that. I don't think Auburn EXPECTED that last season. It just worked out. The team came together after that game. Maybe the same thing can happen this year, but I don't think anyone came out of the LSU game and said "well shoot, we lost that, but we still have a great shot at the SEC!" We all came out of that one thinking we were right about the team: likely 8-4 at best. Granted, expectations are higher this season, but there is still the chance that Auburn COULD lose this game and still win the SEC. How about we just win it and make that article a non-issue anyway, huh?

Jay Jacobs sent an awesome letter to the people of Kansas State thanking them for the reception our fans and team received.

Phillip Marshall has an article on Harris Adler joining Auburn's basketball staff that's not behind the paywall.

Speaking of basketball, Coach Bruce Pearl visited the practice of the Cleveland Cavaliers, yesterday.

Charles Goldberg wrote a piece the other day on Quan Bray honoring his mother.

Finally, for those of you still in the wonderful town of Auburn, today is HEY DAY.