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Auburn vs Mississippi State: Staff Predictions

It's that time again! Let's see what the staff here thinks of this week's game.

Kevin C. Cox

Jared Robertson

Very nervous. I think this is the best State team Dan Mullen has had, but his best team before still only won 9 games, so that's not saying a whole lot. If this game was in Jordan-Hare, Auburn wins by double digits and does it pretty easily. With it being at State with all the illegal CLANGA, it makes it much more nerve racking. Auburn is best on defense at stopping by what State does, and that's run the football. Prescott is a great football player, but Mullen uses the run to set up the pass, and I don't see them romping for 275 against Auburn. State's defense hasn't shown that they can stop teams for a full game, even against LSU's lackluster offensive attack. Auburn's defense can't be overlooked anymore and will be the best Miss St has seen thus far. Also not to be overlooked Gus Malzahn >>>> Dan Mullen. I look for Davis Wade to be cranking early, but I think Auburn's substantial advantage in talent and coaching plus experience in big games will power Auburn to a victory. I expect a Nick Marshall road game along the lines of 2013 Texas A&M and Auburn controls the 4th quarter. 38-21, Tigers.

Chris Roberts

Not sure how to feel about this one but here goes. After last week, my expectations are for Auburn to try and take advantage of the suspect MSU secondary. That having loosened the D, the running gets going with another 100+ yard game from Nick Marshall and CAP. Watch Auburn's linebackers shut down Dak running up the middle. That said, Dak hits some passes but not enough to pull off the upset. Auburn 35- MSU 20. WDE!!

Peggy Rossmanith

Obviously, I'm nervous. I don't like getting into how I think the game will play out because there are too many variables (CLANGA, penalties, drops, etc.) and I'm almost always wrong. But I think Marshall's arm and Auburn's receivers are the difference maker, and Auburn wins this game 31-24.

Dusty Miller

Nervous about this one because of how many close games this series has had in recents years. Davis Wade will be rocking and I expect the pups will be hyped. That will either lead to them jumping up early or making mistakes from too much adrenaline. Either way, someone will jump out to a lead, the other team will come back and it will rob ably be very close at the end.

I trust Gus more than I would Cousin Eddie in coming up with the big play call at the right moment. With Marshall's improved passing and receiving corps, and AUs much improved D, I think the Tigers can overcome whatever road adversity they run into and the ride back to the Plains is a happy one.

Tigers 37 - Miss St. 33

Dr Z

For all of the gnashing of teeth the K State game caused us, it will serve Auburn very well in this ballgame. Number one, we've played at a tough place and number two, the Wildcats have us an idea about how teams plan on stopping the zone read. Auburn counterpunched that scheme last Saturday with the zone read pass option.

And I gotta say, I'm just not sold on the State defense, who got gashed by UAB(!). UAB is known for world class optometrists, not offense.

State wilts under the bright light, and the Tigers march on.

Auburn 31
Clanga Clanga 21

Emily Rios

I literally have no idea. Some of you have said going to KState helps Auburn, which I believe to be true. And, teams are scoring on Miss State. Still, I have no idea. I expect it to be close and relatively high scoring. Auburn 31-28.

Oscar Whiskey

Whoever has the ball last wins this one. Hopefully that will be Auburn. Tigers 27 - 21 Bulldogs

Franklin Featherston

Extremely nervous. I definitely think going to Kansas State helps Auburn. I worry about Auburn being able to run the ball against Miss State's huge defensive front. Dak Prescott's running ability also makes me nauseous. In the end, Gus and the boys will silence the cow bells with a 34-24 road victory.

Sam Butler

This is the biggest game of the season so far for Auburn, and I think Gus has his boys ready to face it. An extremely hostile, hyped-up, cowbell-infused crowd will no doubt hamper some of the signals on offense, but I'm confident in the coaching staff's ability to account for this and communicate cleanly on Saturday. In retrospect, traveling to Manhattan helps a ton here, and the Tigers will be ready for yet another big road test. Nick wins the game late with his arm, laughing in the face of all the talking heads who have knocked Nick for his passing. 31-24 Auburn.

Austin Lankford

And I thought I was nervous before LSU. I think both Auburn and State are facing their best opponent this weekend. I haven't been too impressed with A&M, especially on defense. We both did what good teams should do to LSU this year. Auburn has been in a similar situation this year in Manhattan and beat what is turning out to be a decent team in Arkansas. But when it comes down to it, none of that matters and I can't take much of that information to the bank. What I can bank on is Gus Malzhan in big games. The guy is awesome in these situations and will have us fully prepared, all i's dotted and t's crossed. Mullen has historically struggled against ranked teams and I hope the hype catches up to him. I like our receivers as being a big factor on the offensive side of the ball. Our defense will be tested by the dynamic Dak Prescott, who has played out of his mind the past few weeks. I want to cause a turnover or two so we can really find out what he does under pressure because I'm tired of him sounding invincible.

The Tigers, (12-5) all-time in Starkville, find a way to beat the Bulldogs.

Auburn - 34
State - 31


Auburn struggles to find its rhythm running the ball but connects with some huge passes against State's vulnerable secondary. The defense responds well to Dak Prescott's challenge and holds the Bulldog offense in check most of the game. Auburn puts it away late 28-17.

Josh Dowdy

This game will look muck more like the LSU game than some folks expect. Prescott presents a new challenge, but Auburn's D has found themselves, and they'll execute their attack against that challenge effectively.
Auburn 45 - State 13

Bobby Barkley

Just about every prediction I've made this season hasn't come close, especially when I pick close games. I hate Dan Mullen, so based on that alone, Gus hangs 45 on him. Don't worry, Dak will find a way to get 14, but that's all. I've reached a new level of Barning.

Jared followed up after seeing others...

Kind of surprised at all the high point totals from everyone. Still no faith in the defense or what? I don't think State's offense is a world beater and I think Auburn's defense is going to throw some exotic looks at Prescott and Co that they haven't seen yet. Also, Auburn is going to put athletes with experience on the field that LSU and A&M don't have. Plus, I think Mullen gets throughly out coached and falls flat on his face as we usually expect from Mullen when the spotlight is the brightest.

Walt Austin

Mississippi State is a very good football team. However, they have some suspect areas in the defensive secondary. They've given up a lot of yards through the air, and not just to noted passing threat Texas A&M. I think it will be a very hard fought game, but I think the experience in Manhattan calms the team in a hostile environment. The defense will do what they've been doing well all season in stopping the run and winning the battles in the red zone, and the offense will open up the running game with the passing threat.

Auburn wins 31-21.