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Auburn vs Mississippi State Game Thread

#2 Auburn travels to Starkville to face #3 Mississippi State in a Top 5 SEC West match-up.

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Six years ago this game was 3-2, as well. Not the rankings, though. The final score. I remember watching that game in amazement at the offensive ineptitude on both sides. It was horrifying. It was beautiful.

It gave us this.

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My how far we've come. Both teams changed coaching staffs following the 2008 season. Mississippi State fired their coach from that game and hired Dan Mullen, who in his sixth season as head coach of the Bulldogs is finally leading them to where MSU fans expected him to. Meanwhile, Auburn would part ways with Tommy Tuberville and hire Gene Chizik, then four years later fire Chizik and hire Arthur Gustav Malzahn, III.

I've never minded Mississippi State. The school itself shares a lot in common with Auburn. We are alike in many ways. I've never been a fan of Dan Mullen, however. So it is in that mindset that I hope that Gus & Company put the hammer down for this game. I have a feeling it will be a hard-fought battle, but I'm hoping Auburn's experience in big games will win out and the revamped Auburn defense makes a statement in a big way.

So come on in. Sit down and pull up your computer. Watch the end of the Gurley-less Bulldogs facing the Missouri Tigers and then get very upset because we all know that game will run long and run into the first quarter of Auburn/MSU on CBS. Enjoy the game, and hopefully we'll have great things to talk about below and afterwards.

And finally - just because - there's this.

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