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Hindsight is 20/20, The State game

Auburn's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

This wasn't the worst Pass Interference call of the day...
This wasn't the worst Pass Interference call of the day...
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, sorry so late getting this out, my family and I spent a long weekend for a family wedding in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Beautiful place there, but very remote.  We had no cell service and no network.  One of the cabins close by did have an old TV set.  So I was able to catch the game.

As I watched the first 5 minutes of the game, I had flashbacks to the Ghosts of Starkville's past, when Auburn managed to give the game away in the first quarter so many times before.

But as we know a Malzahn Auburn team is not like a Tuberville Auburn team.  They fight till the bitter end.  I held out hope that the Tigers could come back, even after the field goal to make the score 38-23.  The defense rose up to prevent a first down after a first down and 2(!)  Another  forced INT sealed the deal, and I was forced to grumble the rest of the weekend.

Some other random thoughts about our very bad day...

-First of all, Hats off to MSU, they deserved to win.  They showed physicality and toughness.  They were better than us that Saturday.

-That does not mean, in my humble opinion that that the Bulldogs are a better team than us every day.  It took two horrible turnovers on the first to plays and the a couple of the worst pass interference calls I have ever seen to beat us.  Other than that I thought both teams were evenly matched.

-I'm not one to say a bad call or two causes a loss, but those two aforementioned calls were as close to changing the outcome as I've seen.  The Coates call erased a first and goal from the four, and completely changed the game's momentum.  The later interference call not only led to a field goal, but the mind numbing Ricardo Lewis fumble which made the score 38-20.  Who knows what happens after that?

-Defensively, Auburn played pretty well.  Yes, they gave up 38 points, but only 17 points came when State had to drive the field.  The secondary had arguably its best game.

-All is not lost.  Auburn has a difficult road ahead, but teams down the schedule don't look quite as tough.  South Carolina is not very good.  A&M has a non existent defense.  Georgia?  I have lots of questions about them even before Gurley decided to sign his name to everything with a G on it.  And Bama looks pretty pedestrian right now as well.   All of those can be games we can lose, but at this point I do not expect to lose them.  Win them all,and I bet you Auburn makes the playoff.

Around College Football in 30 10 seconds

-With my travels through New England, I didn't get to catch anything but Auburn, but based on the absolute meltdown of the Turd Nation this week after a tough road victory at Arkansas, you would think that the whole Tide team has Ebola.

-Will Muschamp is a dead man man walking.

-Kentucky is 5-1.  That is how bad the SEC east is right now.

-The hits keep coming for Jameis Winston.  Let's hope the powers that be at FSU end this.

Enjoy the off week and War Eagle...