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Off-Week Plans

The College and Magnolia Staff talk about their plans for this Saturday without Auburn football.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

For the third - and final - Saturday this season, Auburn will not be playing football. This is how some on our staff will be spending the day:

Austin Lankford:

The loss to Mississippi State still stings... A lot. I think we beat them 8/10 times, but it doesn't matter anymore. We went to Pasadena last year with one loss and we are a dang good football team.

That said, I am quite interested in watching football this weekend. There are a couple match ups that include three of our toughest remaining opponents. I will stay close to the A&M vs Alabama game as well as Georgia vs Arkansas, so it will be fun to scout them out.

War Eagle


I hear Lake Martin is lovely this time of year. I'm taking my wife, a book, some good bourbon, and a cigar. No internet or tv so I likely won't know how the games turnout until Sunday before church. Let me know if anything interesting happens while I'm gone.


I'll be spending the weekend at home celebrating my upcoming birthday with my mom. I'll probably watch some football but mostly I'm looking forward to a few Laredo's margaritas.
War Eagle, y'all.

Chris Roberts:

Pretty busy weekend lined up with the family. Probably get score updates on my phone. After last week's debacle, I need a weekend away.

Sam Butler:

It's Fall Break here on the Plains, so I'll be heading up to the mountains of North Carolina with some friends till Sunday. Might watch a game, but probably just will enjoy a weekend off the grid.

Dr Z:

We're going to catch the FCS action this weekend watching Wofford vs Samford. My wife is a Wofford alum, so go Fightin' Terriers, I guess.


I'm driving back from the beach today and I'll get back home sometime after 6:00. From there, I'll try to catch up on all the important #CFBTwitter stuff I missed. How'd that Loefler offense look against Pitt? Is Jameis Winston really still allowed to play? Is Todd Gurley really still *not* allowed to play? Has Ebola become mutant Ebola yet? When does Auburn play at Kentucky next year? Sure am looking forward to a Saturday in Lexington! Anyway, I'm sure I'll watch a game or two as well, but catching up is priority number one!

Bobby Barkley:

After driving around for a solid hour last weekend like a crazy man during the first half of the Auburn game, I will be living like a senior citizen this weekend, starting with an early breakfast with my grandparents somewhere in Vestavia, followed by a birthday lunch for my other grandmother somewhere at the Colonnade, followed by watching whatever football is on until the day's events catch up to me and I fall asleep in my chair around 4:38 pm. I might end up at the Home Depot between lunch and that point, which would really scream, "I have aspirations to be a professional dad before I'm 26."

If you're really that bored without Auburn football this weekend, we could turn this into a scavenger hunt. You find me this weekend, and I dunno...I'll send you a free trucker hat (in either orange or blue) for you to swag up to your liking. Happy hunting, although keep in mind that if you find me at lunch tomorrow, my grandmother will hug you, and you will not be able to escape. Her grip is tighter than whatever is keeping Scott Cochran together and probably preventing him from straight up murder-yelling at whatever poor pack of girl scouts walks past his yard with the wrong box of cookies. You've been warned.

Also, at 87, she has better hair than most of the Alabama coaching staff. I mean, really, have you stopped to notice that? EVERYBODY on that staff has a bad haircut. Be thankful for the handsome-no-huddler's we've got on our sideline.

I'm sorry if that got weird for y'all. War Damn Eagle, everyone.

Emily Rios:

Bye weekends are busy--fall festivals, family photos, lots of errands. On Saturday, I'll get up bright and early with my oldest son. We'll don our best Wonder Woman and Batman shirts and run in a road race because that's what he wants to do. Later, I'll meet a good friend for lunch before settling in the with the family for a lazy afternoon of watching games that I will not get upset about.

Dusty Miller:

My off-week plans include not having any plans. I'm sure I'll watch some football, but I have no appointment viewing. I'm intrigued by K-State @ Oklahoma for obvious reasons. Otherwise, meh. Weather has been sublime here, so I'll probably take my daughter to the park.

Walt Austin:

I will be in Atlanta for drill with my unit. It should be filled with lots of fun and excitement. Or not. I have a PT test early Saturday morning and then after I do height/weight I plan on being fat boy Walt and eating every delicious thing I see for the rest of the weekend before getting back to my normal diet and workout routine on Monday morning. Thankfully both of my teams are off this weekend, so I really won't be missing much.