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Hindsight is 20/20

A look back at a weekend of blowouts and upsets

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

I enjoyed the off weekend by watching my kids play soccer.  I watched my daughter's U9 team win 12-0 Saturday.  It was an omen of sorts for the SEC that day I guess.

I spent my time flipping between Alabama-A&M and UGA/Arkansas to try to find something that resembled entertainment.   Those two games were hard to watch.  They were also surprising, especially Georgia manhandling Arkansas on the road.  As far as future opponents go, A&M looks like a cakewalk now, while Bama and Georgia look way more daunting.

I also find it puzzling how Mark Richt questionably does not get  Todd Gurley enough touches, and as soon as Gurley gets suspended, he gives the ball to freshman Chubb, 30 times for 200 yards.  Regardless, Georgia will be a challenging game for AU on the road.

Alabama was dominant in a 59-0 blowout of the Aggies.  I was utterly shocked at how inept the Aggie offense looked against the Tide.  For a week at least, I don't have to listen to the Turds bitch and moan on talk radio.  As an aside, Tosh.O's Kiffen's Krimson Korner is comedy gold.

Auburn got to move up a spot thanks to Florida State squeaking by the Golden Domers.   I watched that game thinking both teams were good enough to come in 5th in the SEC West.  And how about the advice Jimbo gave to Jameis after the big win?  It's ironic that I tell my four year old son the same thing after his soccer games.

Auburn also got help from the "Ers whipping Baylor, leaving no couch, recliner or ottoman safe in Morgantown. Nothing says celebration like lighter fluid and tear gas.

Auburn's opponent this week managed to blow out lowly Furman, but gave up over 300 yards to the Paladins. Furman actually had turnovers and missed filed goals in the red zone or this game might have been closer.

Watching Spurrier this season has almost been sad.  He looks frustrated and tired.  I think that and then remember how he ran the score up on Auburn in 1996, then I just think people always get their comeuppance.

I will be excited to see Auburn bounce back with a big win by hopefully embarrassing the OBC once again.  Hope you all enjoy your week. War Eagle!