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Coffee and Magnolia, 21 October 2014

We discuss all things Auburn and the connection between Auburn and the Curse of the Billy Goat

Kevin C. Cox

First off, Happy Birthday to our own Undercover Barner, Peggy Rossmanith!

ESPN has a wonderful feature from yesterday about Sammie Coates and how he spent his off week. It's yet another in a long-line of stories about the things Sammie does off the field that make him such a great person and ambassador for the Auburn football program. War Eagle, Sammie.

Gus Malzahn's weekly Tiger Talk was last night. Joel Erickson from has a recap of all the important things.

One interesting thing that came out of Tiger Talk is an update on Jaylon Denson

There is no new news on the return of Carl Lawson. All we know is that his rehab is going well. At this point I think it is highly unlikely that Carl returns to the team this season. I do look forward to a rested, rehabbed, and determined Lawson returning to that defensive front whenever he does come back, though.

Auburn's game against Ole Miss will be getting the prime-time treatment.

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer has a nice piece on the competition between Quan Bray and Kansas State punt returner Tyler Lockett over who will be the best punt returner in the country. Of course in my opinion Lockett's numbers should not be as high as they are since at least two of his long returns against Auburn should have been called back on penalties, but I wish him well all the same. The more KSU wins, the better Auburn looks.

Also from the C L-E is an article about true freshman DE Raashed Kennion and his progress. Kennion was not one of the biggest names in Auburn's 2014 recruiting class, but he has been performing well in pre-season practice and has seen game time during the season as well.

Ellis Johnson has plenty of connections to South Carolina and compares Gus Malzahn to the Head Ball Coach.

Kirk Sampson, Auburn's Sports Information Director, tweeted this out this morning:

Ray Prim was the losing pitcher in that famous game. It's famous because the "Curse of the Billy Goat" originated during it. You could say that Prim was its first victim. Let's hope something similar doesn't happy with Huddy!