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Staff Predictions - The South Carolina Game

The College and Magnolia Staff give their thoughts on the game.

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Jared Robertson

South Carolina is not a very good football team, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Auburn, under the lights at Jordan-Hare should have no problem dismantling the Gamecocks porous defense. Carolina does have a few weapons on offense, but I think the Auburn defense is out for some redemption after looking less than stellar against Miss. State. Auburn jumps out early and never really looks back. 52-17, Tigers.

Peggy Rossmanith

I'm with J. I don't see Auburn having a problem with this team at JHS. I think Auburns wins this one 42-20.

Everett Duke

Auburn is scoring at least 27 in honor of my birthday. I'd be fine with South Carolina scoring 0 in honor of my age at birth.

Sam Butler

Man, how far South Carolina has dropped. Who would've thought during the preseason that this game would possibly the easiest of Auburn's SEC gauntlet? Auburn's had a bye to work out the kinks from their first loss of the season, and there's not really a better situation to get back on the right track. I see Nick going for 220 yards through the air with a pair of scores, and adding 110/1 on the ground. Maybe we'll even see Roc get some more touches this week. 45-17 Auburn.

Dr Z

I am still trying to figure out ow South Carolina managed to beat Georgia. I 100% agree with the Gamecocks own coach when he says they are embarrassing.

It won't get any better for the Chicks when they roll into Auburn on a Saturday night to take on an angry, rested Auburn team with a whole lot to prove.

This one might get out of hand early...
Gamecocks 20

Oscar Whiskey

A solid home victory for Auburn with Malzahn and Co. sticking to the basics. Auburn 38 - 20 South Carolina.


I also have 52-17. South Carolina is struggling in a way no one expected preseason. You hate it for the OBC, but he's right the new 3-4 defense is "embarrassing." South Carolina may score more than LSU but not enough to keep it interesting.

Chris Roberts

This may be a near perfect situation after the Miss St debacle. South Carolina doesn't stop the run very well. Auburn gets back to doing what we for well (I hope). Please stop the experiments, Gus. Expect to see Roc get a serious look in this one. South Carolina scores, but not near enough. Auburn 42-13.

Bobby Barkley

42-14 Auburn. If you're playing Jesse Palmer Bingo on Saturday, get your popcorn ready. The guy is gonna talk Jeremy Johnson any chance he gets. Nick Marshall is gonna be the one getting it done, though. South Carolina's defense is more porous than Spongebob Squarepants. It has more holes in it than the IRS. It's a bad defense. (Did Clowney ever take home that Heisman he was awarded last year in August? I bet Kenny Trill knows all about that.)


Emily Rios

If Auburn comes out hot, with something to prove, South Carolina is in for a long night. If its going to happen at all, this is the game to turn Roc loose. Let Nick run around and do what he needs to do. He's just better on the run. I've got Auburn, 41-16.

Dusty Miller

Auburn comes out with something to prove and pissed about the last game. Repeat of SEC championship matchup in 2010. 56-17

Franklin Featherston

38-17 Auburn. I expect Roc Thomas to play well and the ole veteran Ellis Johnson to have his unit locked in. The real question is will Stephen Garcia stay sober long enough to see his Gamecocks lose another SEC game? War eagle!

Josh Dowdy

I'll follow Dusty's lead and say this game repeats a previous Auburn-So Car score, but one from further back. Saturday could be Steve Spurrier's last time to bring the Gamecocks to Jordan-Hare, and the score will be the same as the first: Auburn 48 - So Car 7

Walt Austin

To me, this game depends on how it starts. If Auburn starts piling on early as we did against LSU, then it could get out of hand and the second half will be a cruise to the finish. If we let South Carolina keep it close, then it could be a very interesting game. I think either of those is a possibility. I hope that Auburn comes out with something to prove after the Mississippi State game and puts the hammer down early, though. I predicted 31-17 in my Q&A with Garnet and Black Attack, but as I think more about it, this game has the potential to be more in the neighborhood of 48-17. I think Auburn wins fairly convincingly, though.