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Auburn vs South Carolina Game Thread

Game time is set for 6:30pm CDT, it's time for the Tigers to get back on track.

Michael Chang

Since it takes a certain word count to fill an article up enough to post, I think I'm going to use this space today to remind you all to vote for Aubie in the Capital One Mascot Challenge. We know Aubie is the best mascot in the country, and he's also in the Mascot Hall of Fame and has won more national championships than any other mascot. However, he's never won this fan voted award.

He came close a few years back, but the auto-voting bots skewed the results that year and he was defeated late in the playoffs. This season the system is a bit different with Tweets and Facebook posts using the hashtag #CapitalOneAubie add many more points than just simply voting. Aubie is undefeated so far (one of only two in the competition who is still unbeaten) and has been in a hard fight this week against Cocky of South Carolina.

So while the Auburn Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks on the football field, I highly encourage everyone to go to make sure they're voting for our favorite mascot in the mascot challenge. He's won everything else and now it's time for him to complete the sweep!

Now let's get back to football. War Eagle!