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Post Week 9 College Football Polls

Let's look at where Auburn stands in the polls leading up to the first College Football Playoff Poll on Tuesday evening

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Coaches AP Massey
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Ole Miss
3 Alabama Alabama Mississippi State
4 Auburn Auburn Auburn
5 Michigan State Oregon Florida State
6 Oregon Notre Dame Georgia
7 Notre Dame Ole Miss Oregon
8 Georgia Michigan State LSU
9 Ole Miss Georgia Kansas State
11 Kansas State Kansas State Michigan State
12 Baylor Baylor Oklahoma
13 Ohio State Ohio State Arizona State
14 Arizona State Arizona Baylor
15 Arizona Arizona State Notre Dame
16 Nebraska LSU Clemson
17 LSU Nebraska Nebraska
18 Utah Utah Texas A&M
19 East Carolina Oklahoma West Virginia
20 Oklahoma West Virginia Arizona
21 Clemson East Carolina Ohio State
22 West Virginia Clemson UCLA
23 Marshall Marshall Missouri
24 Duke Duke Utah


Coaches' Poll: Auburn moves up to #4, which is a pretty good spot to be in going into the announcement of the first CFB Playoff poll. The Tigers are ranked one spot behind one loss Alabama who is six spots ahead of the one-loss Ole Miss team who beat them. Auburn faces #9 Ole Miss this Saturday and still must face Georgia and Alabama who are also still ranked in the Top 10.

AP Poll: Auburn moves to up #4 in this poll, as well. Also one spot behind Alabama. The Top 5 is mostly the same in both polls. The AP Poll is a bit more realistic about the #5 spot, though. The AP has Oregon ahead of Michigan State, whom it beat early in the season. The Coaches' Poll has Michigan State ahead of Oregon.


Coaches' Poll: Mississippi State remains #1 after their win at Kentucky on Saturday. I've already mentioned Alabama at #3 and Ole Miss at #9. Georgia moves up to #8, and LSU moves up to #17 after their defeat of previous #3 Ole Miss. Six teams from the SEC are ranked, and five of those are from the SEC West. Five teams are ranked in the Top 10 and all of them are in the Top 20.

AP Poll: Mississippi State remains #1, Alabama is now #4, Auburn is #4, and Ole Miss drops only to #7 in the AP Poll. Because of that, Georgia stays at #9 for the second week in the AP. LSU moves up to #16 from #24, which is a remarkable climb for the Bayou Bengals. They are playing much better and seem to have figured out their issues after big losses to Mississippi State and Auburn. This is why I'm always a fan of getting LSU early in the season. It tends to go much more Auburn's way.

The Schedule:

Coaches' Poll: Kansas State took down Texas and remains at #11 in the Coaches' Poll. Louisiana Tech remains unbeaten in Conference USA, though they're not about to crack the rankings. San Jose State fell to Navy in Annapolis. LaTech is looking like a decent win, SJSU is the cupcake we knew it would be, but the Kansas State win continues to look like one of the best non-conference wins (particularly since it was a Thursday night road game) in the country.

AP Poll: This is the same as the Coaches' Poll. Kansas State stays at the #11 spot. So we can continue to hope for the same "quality win" factor to help Auburn in the playoff argument going forward.