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Hindsight is 20/20, The Carolina Game

Ted Roof Flashbacks

For a second there I thought we signed him to a 1 game contract....
For a second there I thought we signed him to a 1 game contract....

I had this realization after Carolina's second drive that was stopped thanks in part to a Cassanova McKenzie INT, that my prediction for this game was going to be way off.

South Carolina hadn't beaten Auburn since the Great Depression.  Auburn is a top 5 team with a target on its back.  It was a very easy night for the Tigers to get caught looking ahead to a what was then top 5 match up next week in Oxford.

So yeah, I realized fairly quickly I was in for some heartburn in this one.

Then the flashbacks to 2009-2011, when an Auburn defense could not get off the field.  Not on third down, and in the case of Saturday night, not on 4th down either.  Everything Ellis Johnson move had a Steve Spurrier "just runnin' some ball plays" answer.  And that should have been another reason to believe that this one was going down to the wire.  Spurrier coached with Johnson for 3 years.  The OBC probably can give you Ellis Johnson tendencies in his sleep.

I have come to the conclusion that after Saturday night Spurrier coaches only when he feels like it.  Feel like doing some extra film time for the opening game with A&M?  Nah, I have a tee time.  Missouri? Hell no, they lost to Indiana.  He got his team 100% ready to go for Georgia and Auburn.   If he holds true to form this season, he'll probably beat Clemson by 3 touchdowns, and lose to Tennessee.

Auburn's saving grace in this ballgame was Gus Malzahn can call some ball plays too.   Auburn gained 550+ and ran 62 plays.  Nick Marshall threw 15 passes.  It was the Auburn offense circa 2013.  I was very impressed with the offensive line play, as well as Cameron Artis-Payne.

It was the Auburn defense circa 2011.  But in the end, I am not complaining about a victory in the SEC against one of the best coaches ever to put on a headset...when he wants to be.

Around College Football in 30 seconds.

TCU scored 82 points against against Texas Tech Saturday.  The Florida Gators may not score 82 in all their SEC games.

Speaking of Florida, they didn't lose this weekend.  Can Will muthaf$%*#in Muschamp save his job with a win against Georgia?  If you have to ask that question, you already know the answer.

LSU is back.  Actually, it's more likely that the real Bo Wallace is back.  The game with the Rolltide in Baton Rouge just a a lot more interesting, especially given how pedestrian Alabama has played on the road this year.

Oh Kentucky, you were an onside kick from making it  a really great weekend...

Next week is a big one.  It's another SEC West version of a loser leave town match.  I like the way we match up with Johnny Reb's offense, but their defense is stout.  It will take a great effort by Auburn's offensive line to get a victory and keep out championship hopes alive.  It will be the first time Auburn has been an underdog.  And you know we love being the underdog.  If Auburn can minimize the turnovers, they bring home a W...

War Eagle everyone!