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Auburn vs LSU: Predictions From the College and Magnolia Staff

How does the C&M staff feel this game will turn out?

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Dusty Miller:

I have no clue on this game. Pure shot in the dark guess 23-21 Tigers of the Orange & Blue variety.


Jared Robertson:

My immediate reaction all week when I don't think about it too much is Auburn controlling the game from the opening kick. So I'll stick with that. I don't think LSU will be able to sustain much on offense and I think the true freshman QB gives the ball away a couple of times. The LSU defense is not good against the run and are pretty inexperienced. Auburn should be able to catch them out of position and bust a couple of big plays. Close in the first half, but the LSU defense wears down from being on the field so much. 27-10, good Tigers.

Josh Dowdy:

Nothin' to it: Make the batter. Dip 'em. Deep fry. Squirt the blood.

Auburn 39 -- whosers 18

Sam Butler:

On the surface, this looks like a game Auburn should handle easily. But, we all know that some crazy ish can go down whenever these two groups of Tigers get together. I want to say that Auburn will win this running away, but that simply isn't going to happen. I'm supposed to feel more comfortable with Brandon Harris starting in Jordan-Hare, but I don't. Auburn wins, but it likely comes down to the last quarter, when Auburn's constant supply of fresh defensive subs takes a toll on the freshman. 34-24 Auburn

Dr Z:

This one scares the heck outta me. LSU comes in knowing they are in a must win situation.

Still, a true frosh QB starting his first game under the lights at JHS? That's a pretty tall order. Maybe if his last name was Manning.

The key here is to get up early. I like what someone said earlier this week about digging into the 2009 play book. Let's go right at them and play action off of that.

The key here is the trenches. LSU has looked pretty soft here so far this year. Our defensive line must shine, especially with a thin linebacker corps.

Auburn 31
Carnies 21

Peggy Rossmanith:

I feel horrible about this game, but what else is new? I don't want to think about it so I'm typing this on the way out the door.

Auburn wins a nailbiter 17-14.

Bobby Barkley:

I hate LSU. I've tweeted it all week, so you know I'm super serious. Auburn wins this game at night in a rockin' Jordan-Hare (Yung Joc is gonna be super busy). Auburn will kick a field goal in the 4th quarter to make it 27-24, LSU will mount a long, boring, offensive drive to set up the game-winning touchdown, and our defense will make a +50 yard pick-six to drive the nail in Les Miles' mustard yellow coffin, making the final score 34-24.

(Smoking Barn preview) After the loss, Les Miles has an Urban Meyer-like nervous breakdown. He exiles himself into the North, where he convinces Brady Hoke to resign, thus becoming Michigan's next head coach. We beat LSU every year for the next century, and it is glorious. War Damn Eagle.


LSU's talented true freshman quarterback matches up against an Auburn defense that may feature talented freshman linebackers? Auburn's ground attack faces off against a defense that ranks 70th nationally against the run? I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Take Auburn and the over. 48-35.

Emily Rios:

In my dreams, Gus busts open the playbook, and we realize he's been sandbagging all season. In reality, I think Auburn eeks out a win in a nasty, low scoring slugfest. 24-17.

Chris Roberts:

Freshmen QB? LSU does not look like others we have seen before. The D is suspect and lost a key DB for the season while the offense goes comatose from time to time. Auburn catches LSU out of position for some big plays. Auburn gets comfortably ahead before LSU tries to close the gap. Too little too late. Players to watch: Duke Williams, Robensen Therezie. Auburn 42- LSU24. WDE!!!

Oscar Whiskey:

Too close for comfort but run game finds some life and defensive secondary plays like their predecessors from yesteryear. Auburn 28 - 24 LSU.

Austin Lankford:

When LSU's season is on the line, with their backs against the wall, that's a scary time to play them. Let's just say I'm glad this game is in Auburn. They are starting a Freshman QB, which makes me feel better. If we are able to establish the ground game, I am confident.

Auburn - 24
LSU - 21

I believe.


This is always a weird one. Somehow I feel like this one will be no different. I have no idea how, but it's going to be strange, somehow. Auburn covers the spread. That's my only prediction. I'm completely clueless other than I think Auburn wins and covers.

Or maybe I'm just completely clueless altogether.