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UPDATE: Quan Bray Mad-Lib Answers

You asked. I stalled. It's time. The answers to a ridiculous story about two dudes on a "Quantoon Boat."

Streeter Lecka

Earlier this week, I gave y'all a little mad-lib to do at work. The theme? Quan Bray. I mean, really, could we have been (hashtag) blessed with a better name for pun versatility at Auburn? I think not. Once again, shout-out to my partner in crime at War Eagle Sports Radio, Mr. @grantbland, for the ever-crucial "Quantanamo Bray." I think we can all agree that Mr. GB is the OG of the QB. Yeah, something like that.

I only had two--TWO--submissions for this mad-lib, and now I realize that it was my own fault. Apparently, if you don't have an online version of a document to fill in blanks with, it's useless to millennials--BUT NOT TO LAWYERS. Our two submissions come from two fine folks in the legal profession, and apparently they're the only people who have the capacity (or willingness, really) to print out a PDF, fill it out with a writing utensil (what is that?), scan it, and email it back to me. These are surely end times. Their Barning will not be denied.

Below is THE answer key, and it is the final authori-TEH on this matter. I will not accept any other answers (although the two below certainly took some creative liberties that I certainly respect). The Chief Birmingham Barner has spoken.

Anyway, seeing as how I only got 2 submissions (and now that I think about it, 2 is perfect, because this piece would be SUPER long if I actually got 10, but hey, I'd deal with it), I'm going to pull an Upward Basketball move and pronounce them both winners. Congratulations to @WDL34@LRWDE for Mad-Libbin' it up!

Quan Bray Mad-Lib Answers ANSWERS_Page_1_JPG.0.jpg


@WDL34's submission:

I like the fact that this was completed under duress. Bonus points for the situation.

@LRWDE's submission:

WAR EAGLE, Y'ALL! I'm sure Quan is proud. I expect a better turnout when I release #GaryandVerneBingo later this month...