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Auburn vs LSU: How to Watch, Preview, and Week in Review

Here's your information on tomorrow's game and a look back at the week in review.

Butch Dill

What: LSU Tigers vs Auburn Tigers

When: 7pm EST, 6pm CDT

Where: Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL.

How to Watch: ESPN for TV. ESPN3 or the WatchESPN app if you're unable to get near a TV and the game isn't blacked out in your area online.

How to listen: Auburn folks can listen to the game, here.

Line: According to ESPN's collection of spreads, the general feeling is Auburn by 7.5 across the board.

Story lines:

LSU's QB Situation. LSU will be starting true freshman Brandon Harris for the first time in his first true road test. It will be a night game in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Will the freshman be able to handle the crowd? Will Auburn's defense rattle his confidence early, or will he be able to get into a rhythm and do what he's been so good at so far this season?

LSU's Run Defense. It has not been the best so far this season. Auburn is one of the most prolific rush teams in the country, even with its own woes. Will LSU's front be able to contain Auburn's rushing attack?

LSU's Secondary Depth: LSU has had some injuries in their secondary. Will Marshall & Company be able to exploit that?

Auburn's Run Blocking: Will Auburn's offensive line click as they did last season and start paving roads for Cameron Artis-Payne and the rest of Auburn's stable of backs? I think we're still missing Prosch and Kozan (and Robinson, though I think Shon has done an excellent job replacing him), but the running game will continue to produce even if it's not at the levels we hoped.

Nick Marshall's Passing: Can Marshall consistently hit receivers? This will be especially important if the running game struggles and Auburn needs Marshall to be able to throw the ball to win.

Auburn's Injuries: Who is going to play? This is an especially important question for the linebackers. If Frost and McKinzy are both out for this game, then Auburn may be in for a long night on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe not, though. Maybe Swain and Tre Williams will step up. On the offensive side, will Pat Miller be ready to go? And if he's not, how will the line set up? I suspect it will be just as they lined up last week in the second half. If there's one thing to feel good about that, it's that Danzey played very well in relief.

Week in Review:

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Oh, and this happened. This will never not be funny.

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War Eagle, everyone. Buckle up, because we're about to hit some tough terrain over the next few weeks.