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Know Your Enemy: Q&A With Ole Miss Site "Red Cup Rebellion"

We talked with the folks over at Red Cup Rebellion about the game.

They call him Dr Bo
They call him Dr Bo
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

You'll be able to read my answers to his questions over at his place early this afternoon. You can read them here.

1) Bo Wallace was inconsistent in the first game of the season, fantastic in the next few, and then has seen some struggles in the last game or so. Do you think he's just inconsistent, was he playing over his head at first, or the last game just an aberration?

He's inconsistent. His arm is finally healthy (a lot of folks seem to have forgotten that he's less than two years removed from a shoulder repair), but his decision-making is still all over the place. Against Boise, Memphis, and LSU he was overthrowing receivers, failing to recognize open check-downs, and trying to force balls into tight windows. Against seemingly everyone else he was calm, poised, and very deliberate with his throws. A mistake-free Bo Wallace is all this offense needs to put the game out of reach, but that's obviously something we don't always get.

2) I know Ole Miss has excellent receivers and when he's on fire Bo Wallace is a great quarterback. How is the Ole Miss running game this season? The ability to force Auburn's defense to defend a strong running game is one thing that really hurts Auburn's DBs given the lack of a pass rush, so I'm really hoping you tell me the running game isn't that great...

Good news for Auburn! The Ole Miss rushing attack isn't that great at all. Ole Miss runs a committee of backs, each of which has good-but-not-great attributes (aside from Jaylen Walton's hands. He's a damn solid receiver when tasked with that) and hasn't really put together an impressive game this season. The Ole Miss offensive line is also not particularly adept at spearheading a rushing attack, particularly when they're asked to pull. In all, it's just not a powerful part of the Rebel offense.

3) How much do you think the loss of Denzel Nkemdiche will affect Ole Miss' defense? Are the other injuries serious problems when facing another HUNH team?

I think it hurts a lot. Ole Miss isn't really deep at linebacker as it is, and Denzel was seeing plenty of minutes this year either in a starting role or as a valuable reserve depending on the opponent. He has a great football IQ, is a usually sure tackler, and has a real nose for the football. The knock on him is that he's a bit undersized and can easily be lost in the shuffle against heavier rushing attacks. Against spread attacks though, he's proven to be invaluable, particularly in one-on-one situations in space.

4) How has the roller coaster of emotions been for Ole Miss fans to lose to LSU last weekend and then suddenly find yourself right back in a guaranteed position to be in the playoff if you win out?

The playoff committee's rankings have breathed new life into a fan base that's pretty quick to get all "woe is me" after a loss. We are happy that we're in a position to take a spot if we can get back to winning, just as we're happy to be rewarded for our Alabama win, one which has only looked more and more impressive each week. I hope that excitement and happiness translates into a raucous home field atmosphere this Saturday, but I'm not so sure that it will.

5) How do you think this game plays out? Predictions?

I think that Ole Miss should be able to keep Bo Wallace protected enough to give him time to throw against Auburn's secondary. I'm not at all confident that such will happen, but it's more than reasonable to think that could lead Ole Miss to an early lead that's held onto despite Auburn's best fourth quarter efforts. 28-21 Ole Miss.