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College and Magnolia Staff Predictions

The staff weighs in on this one.

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Peggy Rossmanith

I have no idea how this game will unfold. I'm going to say Auburn will win because I want Auburn to win but I don't know if it comes on a late field goal or from a healthy fourth quarter or from a late game interception. We should just play everything at Jordan-Hare. Has anyone looked into that?
Auburn: Points; Ole Miss: Fewer Points

Dusty Miller

My predictions have been about as accurate as a Greg McElroy's assessment of his NFL readiness compared to Cam. But, I'll give it a go anyway.

For some reason I'm feeling pretty good about this game. Can't pinpoint why exactly. If Auburn can limit the self inflicted wounds, then I think the defense can make Dr. Bo botch a surgery or two. Auburn cashes in on a malpractice suit and gets the win. 34-24.

Chris Roberts

Lots of question about this one. Do we see Bad Bo or Dr. Bo? Is the running game from last week's game going to show up again? It was nice to see us do what we do well and not try to get "cute" with the play calling. All that said, I think the defense gets back on track and the running game shines again. Ole Miss may be the tighter team knowing they are hosting and cannot afford to drop this game. Big game from Duke and Nick should help us pull away by halftime. Auburn 45 - 17

Jared Robertson

I, like Dusty, have had a good feeling about this game for sometime. Ole Miss' offense is average at best but their defense is really good. However, LSU proved that if you run the ball and stick with it, they will wear down. Ole Miss has the edge on D, but I think Auburn's edge on offense is the greater of the two. If Auburn can score in the mid 20's, Auburn wins. I think Auburn scores in the mid 20's. 27-17, Auburn.

Emily Rios

I will say Auburn wins, but that's not based on anything but hope. I feel like this one is close the whole time. 20-17.

Sam Butler

Similar to what everyone else is saying, I have a pretty good feeling about this. Barring that horrendous start in Starkville, Auburn is undefeated. I think Gus uncorks the rushing game to the next level and doesn't let Nick throw too much to the best pass defense in the SEC. 27-17 Auburn.

Oscar Whiskey

This game feels like something has got to give and that's either Auburn's offense or the Rebels' defense. I'm really hoping it's the latter. This won't be a high scoring affair but it is our Tigers who come home with a victory, 23-17.

Dr Z

I look for Auburn to make a statement defensively in this one. Remember, this is about the point in the year when Auburn found another gear.
Saw a stat today that Ole Miss is 3-37 in games where the opponent rushes for 200+.

With the banged up Reb defense, I don't see them holding Auburn under 200. Look for Cory Grant to get back into the action, as well as a better performance by the Auburn defense. I say....

Auburn 30
Ole Miss 23

Bobby Barkley

Gus and the Tigers win this game in "mid-2000's" fashion to the tune of 27-20.

Happy birthday, Gustav. You are my favorite person.

Franklin Featherston

I think Auburn learned a ton from the trip to Starkville and will put it all together Saturday night in Oxford. CAP will have a big game and the Auburn secondary will make enough plays to win. 27-21 Auburn.

Walt Austin

When I did my Q&A with Red Cup Rebellion I predicted a 17-14 Auburn victory. That's before I remembered that no single team has held Gustav's offense to less than 20 points. Of course, no one has scored more than 20 on Ole Miss in their last 20 games. So something's going to give, there. I think it's the latter. I think Auburn puts up about 24 or 27, and the defense is able to rattle Bo Wallace a little more since they don't have the real rushing threat to account for like South Carolina did with Mike Davis. I am worried about swing passes out of the backfield, however. I think it's a 27-21 Auburn victory.