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Auburn vs LSU GameThread: This One Gets Weird

Let's look back at some of the strangeness in the past of the Auburn vs LSU series.

Butch Dill

For two teams that rarely played prior to the 1992 split in divisions, this series has produced enough strange events and games to equal just about every one of Auburn's long-time rivals. That's just in my lifetime, too.

There's the Earthquake Game (1988), Interception Game (1994), Barn Burning, and Cigar Game (1999). Those were bad enough, but in the 2000s it got really weird.

First there was the 2001 game played post-Iron Bowl. Auburn was penalized 15 yards before the game even started for jumping on the LSU mid-field logo pregame. LSU opened with an onside kick recovery and Auburn never really recovered themselves. Fast forward to 2004 and there's the Personal Foul on the XP Attempt that gave Auburn the win and launched the undefeated season. Next season was the Missed Field Goal Game - which would also be known as "Kenny Irons Calls His Shot" had Auburn won the game. Irons predicted he would run for 200 yards that day against LSU. He backed it up, too, rushing for 218 yards.

Oh, and we're not done. The 2006 game was decided by a pass interference call that LSU fans still believe was a horrendous call to this day. I can see where they're coming from, but I can also see why it was ruled the way it was. And who am I to complain when a decicion goes our way? Next year was The Mad Hatter Strikes with the last second pass.

The series has settled in to primarily just slugfests since then (2011 aside). Even the 2012 game came down to the final seconds. 2010 was just a hard-fought game that is also typical of this series (that 2006 game was one of the most brutal games I've ever watched in terms of pure physicality).

Last season feature an Auburn team that took a beating in the first half and came out the other side discovering their identity in refusing to quit.

So what will tonight's game bring us? Will it be a slobber-knocker? Will it produce something weird and memorable? Odds are the answer is yes.

Settle in, folks. Let's get this party started.