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Auburn Fans Planning on Bringing Cowbells to Mississippi State Game?

Sit down, folks. We need to have a talk.

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I'll admit it, when I first heard about the idea I chuckled and thought "that would be kind of funny." Then I got to thinking about it and realized that it's really just dumb. Almost every team in the SEC has a tradition they're proud of that others think is childish. We roll trees after a win for goodness sake. Mississippi State has their cowbells.

Some traditions get copied. Everyone has their version of Tiger Walk, now. We were the first to do it and we love to tell people that all they're doing is copying us.

Cowbells? That's something we need to just leave alone. I could explain my thoughts on it, but I'm just going to let Jerry Hinnen of CBSSports (formerly WarBlogEagle for The War Eagle Reader and Joe Cribbs Car Wash before that) explain it for me.

That's an excellent summation of the issue at hand. Let's see how some of the rest of the staff here think:

Hey, let's check in with Blogger Emeritus Chris Fuhrmeister:

In short: please don't. It makes us look petty. I thought it was a funny idea at first, but it's not. It looks like we're whining. The amount of Auburn fans there with cowbells couldn't make enough noise to affect their team's play anyway. It's not like they're really even that loud, it's just that they're annoying. I'm sure our team can handle it. I might be ALMOST concerned about the road environment if it were the first road game, but that trip to Manhattan, KS did wonders for the maturity of this team.

Let's just let our team do what they do on the field and handle ourselves with class rather than looking petulant about them getting to shake their bells. It's their tradition that they love and enjoy. It's one of the things that makes college football interesting. I hate the sound of them, but it's part of the MSU game every year and it just comes with the territory. Now let's get to some football.

War Eagle.