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Auburn vs Ole Miss Game Thread

Here's your space to talk Auburn football, tonight.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Kick-off is set for 7pm EST, 6pm CDT. While we're waiting for kick-off, you can check out what's gone on this week here at College and Magnolia:

We started the week with Dr Z's weekly eye exam. That was followed shortly afterwards by the surprising announcement that Auburn and Cal have scheduled a home-and-home for 2019-20.

Peggy provided your weekly Undercover Barner report on Tuesday morning. WarRoomEagle gave us a special feature on Brandon Fulse's big day. Then on Tuesday night the College Football Playoff rankings were released and Auburn found itself at #3.

Wednesday was a short day, with me posing a question on whether you would attend the college football semi-final game or not. Then WarRoomEagle broke down Auburn's newly rediscovered success on the perimeter.

Thursday began with Emily providing an update on those watch lists. We conducted our weekly Q&A with the enemy blog site (Red Cup Rebellion this week). Franklin wrapped up last week in the SEC, we posted the TV schedule for the weekend, and Matt Donaldson provided us with the serious preview of the Ole Miss game.

On Friday morning, Clint Richardson had a report from the Pearl Jam pep rally from Thursday night, and Bobby Barkley had the Barn smoking with his weekly preview. The staff predicted tonight's game, and if you still haven't figured out where to watch the game, here it is. Tuco broke down Ole Miss' offense, and Josh Dowdy asked the question of what it will take for Auburn to make it back to the championship.

And finally, if you haven't seen it this morning, Clint Richardson interviewed Russell Athletic on the new shoulder pad system that Auburn equipment manager Dana Marquez helped design, develop, and pioneer here on the Plains.

That's it for this week. Tons of stuff. Now let's get ready for the game and hope the Tigers bring it strong, tonight.

War Eagle!