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SEC West Scenarios: How the Remaining Four Big Games Will Decide Who Goes to Atlanta.

If you want Auburn to still have a chance, here's how to root. If you just don't want Bama to get there, here's how to root. If you want....

First of all, I didn't come up with this. I've seen this type of graphic before in past seasons, but I haven't seen one for this year yet. Probably because it's just now getting to the point in the season where you can visualize it. Anyway, just a quick breakdown...

First of all, this all assumes that Mississippi State and Ole Miss beat Vanderbilt and Arkansas on November 22. With that in mind, State all but clinches the West with a win at Alabama this coming Saturday. It just wouldn't become official until a week later when the Commodores visit Starkville. Should the Crimson Tide beat the Bulldogs, it gets a little crazy.

SEC West Scenarios

On that same day, Auburn travels to Athens to take on Georgia. This game decides the fate of Auburn and Ole Miss. If the Tigers pull it out, the Rebels are eliminated. Therefore, the Iron Bowl would decide the winner of the division, but only if Ole Miss spoils Mississippi State's season in the Egg Bowl.

If Georgia avenges last year's heart-breaking loss to Auburn, then Auburn and Ole Miss swap roles. The Egg Bowl winner would go to Atlanta, but only if Auburn can beat the Tide in Tuscaloosa.

As you can say every week of the college football season, we'll know more next week. Either Ole Miss or Auburn will definitely be eliminated, and, if State beats Bama, everyone will be out of it as the Bulldogs make their second trip ever to Atlanta.

Who will the West winner meet? Well, it's still up in the air until Saturday. If Florida loses, it's out. If Georgia wins and Missouri loses, Georgia wins without question. Anyway, after being peer-reviewed on twitter, I hope there aren't any more mistakes on this one, but let me know if you find one.

SEC East Scenarios