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Coffee and Magnolia: 11 November 2014

Your Auburn news and links

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I know I already put up a whole post on it, but Happy Veteran's Day, still.


So, I'm sure most of you have read Tuco's post from yesterday. It was controversial to say the least. I won't say I agree 100% with it, but it did say a lot of very good things. One thing it did do is lead to record traffic on the site. The last time I checked the stats before the SB Nation tracker rolled over, the site was at 110,041 page views and 98,254 on that article alone. If you've found the site as one of those viewers, then welcome! We hope you stick around and join us for all of our shenanigans and join us in commenting, as well.


Gus Malzahn had his weekly appearance on Tiger Talk on Monday night. He updated us on a number of things regarding last week and looking ahead to the Georgia game. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news for Auburn fans is that of Duke Williams' injury. It appears to be a sprained MCL and Duke is week-to-week.

With Duke's injury, Quan Bray really stepped up on Saturday. I couldn't be happier for Quan. He's been a stalwart for four years now and he's really started to make a name for himself this season even in the shadow of Duke and Sammie getting most of the press of the wide receivers.

Frustrated at the play of the defense? So are they, I assure you. It really is strange how the team looks so clueless in the first half, but then comes out and plays lights-out in the second half. One thing that concerns Ellis Johnson the most (and pretty much all of you have noticed as well) are the missed tackles.

One thing stays constant though, and that is the offensive plan. Regardless of how the defense is playing, the offense just goes on doing what it does. It's worked out well, so far. Even with the two losses, the offense has been very productive.

Game times have been set for Auburn's final games of the season. They will all be night games. For the first time since 2007, the Iron Bowl will be an ESPN night game. The Samford game will also kick off under the lights.

As expected, Todd Gurley will be the starting running back for UGA on Saturday night. I'm sure Gurley will be amped up and ready to go. Hopefully the Tigers do as well stopping him this year as they did last year, holding him to under 80 yards rushing. That's with a much better quarterback to worry about throwing the football, too.


The Auburn soccer team is going to the NCAA tournament and will have their first match on Saturday at Florida Gulf Coast. Congrats, ladies!