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Hindsight is 20/20-Texas A&M Aggie Edition

As I throw up in my mouth

One of the few bright spots...
One of the few bright spots...
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote last year back on my old retired blog that hope is a good thing.

After Saturday evening, I would like the record to show I rescind that statement.  Hope is not always good if you are a die hard fan.  We got a hard dose of that Saturday.

Our hopes looked pretty much dashed after a blocked field goal led to 7 points the other way.  That 10 point swing at halftime looked like one we would not get back up from.  Having grown up on Bowden and Tuberville, hope was never an issue for me.  Once upon a time, down 18 at halftime, forget about it.   It was time to get in early at Bodega, maybe get a score to make it close.

But Malzahn's teams never quit and  after Auburn cut the score to 38-31, a damn hope began to brew in my stomach.

A damn hope.

"We're going to come back and win this thing." I said to my Dad and friends watching the game with me.

Auburn's defense, which lately has looked like a re-commissioned Ted Roof defense, managed to hold A&M to field goals, 2 of them, in the second half.

Auburn had lots of time to score.  Actually, too much time, all in the room agreed.  Still, Auburn drove down the field like a knife through butter, down to the 2 yard line.  No sweat, we would score and win this game.

Then the mind numbing, horrible fumble on the exchange that for certain looked like Artis-Payne had an easy score.  What was Marshall thinking? No clue.  I can say that as many times as we have run that play in two years, we don't fumble it much, but we did there.

Now we are all thinking, first down here and we are done.  But wait, what's that? Auburn's defense for the first time since what seems like the LSU game, shows up and forces a three and out, and comes teasingly close to a safety.  A forced punt.

Even better, we all think.  A score here leaves A&M with no time.  We're still gonna win.  Hope, damned hope, abounds.

A nice punt return by Bray.  A nice run, another, and we're in business.  Now why are we changing the play here and just run the ball and get goin...W....T......F.

Auburn fumbled that game away. Twice.In the last 3 minutes.  My brain is seeping out of my ears.

I said right here last week that it is football and shit happens.  Well shit happened.

Screw you, hope...

Around college football...

Alabama and LSU should get FDA approval for their 2014 game to be a sleep aid.  Other than the last couple minutes and overtime. Somewhere in Hell, the Bear was sipping George Dickel and nodding.

Lots of teams played themselves out of the Playoffs Saturday.  Besides Auburn, you can scratch off K-State, Michigan State and Notre Dame, among others.

To those of you who say that Georgia will run Auburn off the field, I say you have short memories.  Because their meltdown two weeks ago was one of the worst things I have ever seen.  I'm expecting this game to go down to the last second.

Let's keep our chins up. Amen corner draws nigh....