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Coffee and Magnolia: 14 November 2014

It's downright cold outside this morning. So sit back with a warm drink and read your daily Auburn stories.

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It was inevitable that with UGA week coming up, we would get all the stories about Nick Marshall returning to Athens. Just playing his former team was a big enough story last season, but now he's actually going back to their place. So let's run them down, shall we? Montgomery AdvertiserOfficial Auburn Tigers Three separate stories for you. I haven't read them all, but I bet they're all very similar.

Along with that are the inevitable discussions with players from the state of Georgia and what this game means to them. I grew up in Georgia in the middle of Georgia fans, so this game has always meant a lot to me. Georgia fans are very similar to Alabama fans, but without the history of winning championships.

This game still has a ton riding on it, as the Montgomery Advertiser points out. Depending on what happens in the Texas A&M/Mizzou game, Georgia could lock up the SEC East with a victory. Lose and their out. Auburn can stay alive in the SEC West race if the Tigers win and MSU loses.

Rob Pate likes the way this games is setting up. I have to admit that I kinda do, too. I think we match up well with UGA. But we'll get to that in posts later today.

If you're wanting to know who to root for this weekend in order for Auburn to still have a chance at the SEC and the Playoff, I put together a guide for you in the TV Schedule post from yesterday. It's worth it just to check out the artwork, alone.


Skipping over to the other sport bringing some excitement to the Plains, the basketball team tips off tonight against Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Auburn Arena. It's a special game for Coach Bruce Pearl, who got his start in Division 1 basketball at the mid-western school.

We'll have a brief preview for tonight's game up later this afternoon, but for now you can peruse the official site's preview.

In exciting news, Auburn senior guard KT Harrell was announced as second team All-SEC yesterday. Congrats to KT, and we wish him and the Tigers all the best this season.

On the women's side, the ladies also open up their season tonight against in-state school Troy. Their game will also be in Auburn Arena prior to the men's game this evening.