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Auburn vs Georgia: Staff Predictions

What does the staff here think about tomorrow night's game against the Bulldogs?

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I'm officially retiring from concrete predictions. I never liked doing it in the first place and seeing Auburn fail to beat Texas A&M, much less get the blowout myself and others predicted, has convinced me never to do it again. Instead, I'll give you a worst case and best case. Worst case is that Auburn somehow finds a way to fumble away not one, not two, but three possessions to open the game. Meanwhile, Todd Gurley breaks every arm tackle and dodges every dive at his shoelaces for most of the game. It's not pretty. Best case is that Auburn scores on the first drive like it did against Ole Miss, but instead of stalling due to penalties, the Tiger's continue to score and don't punt even once in the first half. Georgia keeps it within 10 at halftime, but the second half adjustments by the defense allow the offense to pull away.

Peggy Rossmanith

I think Auburn will win, despite the hostile environment and revenge factor. I can't begin to guess the score, but I promise not to be in Baton Rouge for this one. War Eagle.

Dr Z

The way both defenses have looked lately, I expect a high scoring affair. I have thought all year that the matchup favors Auburn as Hutson Mason can't really stretch the field. UGA is suspect on the perimeter on defense. I expect some big runs by Ricardo Lewis in this one. It will be tight. Bring you Maalox....

Auburn 45

Dusty Miller

First team to punt loses? I don't know what to expect other than very little defense. Gurley could run for a thousand yards if he wants to, and Auburn could do the same. Where has Corey Grant been lately? With the Dwags suspect on the perimeter, I'm thinking he might break one. Over 40 wins this one.

Jared Robertson

Todd Gurley can't play all 22 postitions. To Hell With Georgia. Barn - More, Georgia - Less.

Franklin Featherston

First one to 40 wins. Auburn has zero defense and Georgia can't stop the run. Auburn wins 48-41.

Chris Roberts

This is a big one for me. I have never liked UGA or their fans. After last week, they need to come up BIG this week. I am hoping that they can knock off the "dumb" penalties and quit giving up cheap yardage. It seems that if they can take away the run Hutson Mason is not the type of QB to take over and win a game. Anyway, Gurley runs angry but not enough to keep up with Auburn. Auburn's offense cures the turnover tendencies and the defense shows up with a few stops. I am looking for big stats from CAP and FROST this week.

Auburn 42-20.

Sam Butler

This game has every indication of being a shoot out, and I think it lives up to the hype. Gurley will get his, but so will the Auburn offense. First one to screw up on offense will end up losing this game, and I'll say it's Hutson Mason and a wildly unpredictable Georgia team that manages to find a way to lose. 38-34 Auburn.

Emily Rios

I feel like there's plenty to say about this game. Lots of story lines, "if Auburn does this..." etc. But, I literally have no idea what happens.

I hope Auburn wins. That is all. War Eagle.


Georgia has success moving the ball against Auburn but not enough. Auburn finishes the job Florida's offense started and runs for 400 yards. Auburn 42 Georgia 28.

Oscar Whiskey

A nail-biter to the very end but our Tigers pick up a crucial road victory in Athens. Auburn 31 - 28 UGA.

Bobby Barkley

I don't even care if we lose this game. Georgia will just drop the ball in Atlanta AGAIN, and I'll laugh with the heartiness of a thousand Vikings as I lean back in my easy chair and count down the days until Christmas/the Jeremy Johnson era

Auburn 31, Dwags 24

Walt Austin

I think Auburn makes just enough stops that they can win this one by a decent margin. Hutson Mason hasn't really stretched the field too much this season, and if the Tigers can keep UGA's WRs in front of them and stop the ground game, then we should make some defensive stops. On offense, I'm not all that concerned given UGA's rushing defense over the past few weeks, and their secondary is suspect as well.

The X-factor there will be what Pruitt may have schemed up based on last year's national title game. Of course, that works both ways. I suspect we may see some things we haven't seen this season in this game. I just hope they're not too cute and we slow ourselves down.

Auburn will have 40 something, UGA will have 30 something. War Eagle.