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Auburn vs Milwaukee Game Thread

The Bruce is Loose


Tonight, it begins.

Tonight, after 1,377 days away from the court in an official game (not counting last Friday's exhibition), Bruce Pearl steps out onto the court as Auburn University's head basketball coach.

It hasn't taken long, but Bruce Pearl has already set the Auburn Family on fire. Let's take a look back a bit at how we got here.

Chris welcomed The Bruce with this post announcing his hire. Pearl hit the ground running to acquire new players on The Plains, as he picked up transfers from Marshall's Kareem Canty and last season's leading scorer in the nation Antoine Mason from Niagra.

Before the season started, Pearl hosted a student-only event referred to as "Pearl Jam" to get the students ready for basketball. It was a resounding success and was covered for us by Clint Richardson.

Last Friday night Bruce Pearl coached an Auburn basketball team for the first time. Our own Tuco reviewed the Tigers' performance that night and looked to the future of this season.

This week the Tigers took another step towards the future beyond this season by signing four players in what is projected to be a Top 10 class in the nation during the early signing period for basketball. Only one committed player hasn't signed, and the Tigers picked up another signature this afternoon that wasn't on the radar until this week.

And I don't need to tell you just how much basketball means to some on the staff. If you haven't already read it, you really need to read runyogasurf's post from a few weeks back on Auburn basketball and what it means to her.

Now we're here. Tip-off is 9pm CST. Join us. I'll be at the game, but I should hopefully still be able to comment some. Tonight will hopefully be a night we look back on as the beginning of a truly amazing time in the history of Auburn basketball.

The Bruce is Loose, y'all. Get after 'em!

War Eagle!