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Auburn vs Georgia Game Thread

It's almost game time.

Kevork Djansezian

It's almost game time in Athens. Time to renew the Deep South's oldest rivalry.

What was once a friendly rivalry has become decidedly unfriendly over the past few seasons. Maybe it began with the water hoses. Maybe it was 2010 and Nick Fairley. Maybe it's them being upset that Auburn has had the success that they believe should be theirs.

I don't know what it is. I know this game definitely means a lot to me. I grew up in the heart of Georgia just south of Atlanta. I have plenty of stories similar to Bobby Barkley's. Plenty of UGA kids I grew up around who knew nothing about football but would tell me with the utmost confidence that Georgia would win simply because they were the Dawgs and the Dawgs were the best.

As I'm building this open thread, the outcome of the game in Tuscaloosa isn't certain, but no matter what pride is on the line. Georgia has beaten us more often than not over the past few seasons, and the Tigers really want this game against their oldest rival.

Georgia is going to come in excited to be back in Athens - it's been over a month since they've played a home game - and thrilled to have Todd Gurley back. They're going to come in hyped and ready. Hopefully the Tigers can answer and shut them up quickly.

I think this one is going to be a shoot out. The Tigers just have to make sure they don't make it any easier for UGA by committing stupid penalties and turnovers. Limit or erase those, and I have a feeling this will be a good Auburn victory. Struggle as we have the past few weeks, and this game could be rough.

War Eagle, everyone. Beat the Dawgs.