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Auburn vs Georgia Recap: Tigers Fall Hard 34-7

It started well. It ended horribly.

Scott Cunningham

Auburn's offense started strong with a good drive for a touchdown against Georgia, but sputtered for the rest of the night as the Tigers could not get anything going and the defense couldn't make a stop.

The defense played well early. They held Georgia, but then gave up a fake punt that was called back on a penalty. After holding UGA again, the offense sputtered and stalled. The defense held again, but a fumbled punt by Quan Bray allowed Georgia to tie the game at 7.

While the offense continued to struggle, the defense began to let Georgia ground game take control. It's really questionable as to why Georgia played Todd Gurley more than Chubb at times, as the Auburn defense did a decent job of restraining Gurley, but had absolutely no answer for Chubb.

While the Tigers did get one good stop late in the first half, it was negated when a gunner running free for the punt block roughed Georgia's kicker instead. Georgia was able to drive down the field and go up 17-7 at the half.

The second half wasn't any better for the Auburn offense, as penalties and dropped passes continued to plague the Tigers. Georgia defense also stepped up and made stops when it needed them, but the Tigers certainly didn't do themselves any favors.

After a strong drive by the Tigers to start the 4th quarter, an interception on 4th and 12 in the red zone spelled the end for any hope of a comeback for the Tigers. Georgia proceeded to take the ball and drive the length of the field and milk most of the 4th quarter clock before Chubb added yet another touchdown as Auburn's defense continued to forget that you can wrap your arms around someone and drag them down.

Auburn put in Jeremy Johnson, who moved the ball fairly effectively with a few bad throws in the mix, until yet another turnover led to Georgia gaining the ball back with two minutes on the clock.

With this loss, the Tigers fall to 7-3 on the season, and completely out of the race for the SEC or the College Football Playoff. All that's left is to play for pride and hoping to beat Alabama and ruin their season.