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I've been trying to tell you guys: something doesn't look right.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I was at this house party, and man, did it have great dips. There was a corn thing and a buffalo chicken thing, and then, we had a delicious dinner with delicious casseroles. There was a hash brown and a green bean. I hung out with pals. It was some time.

Except for the losing at football thing. That was the worst.

1. Pump the brakes. So 8-4 is pretty real right now, and yeah, I never thought it would get to that. The last two weeks are kind of unexplainable. The Texas A&M game was the exact opposite of the Immaculate Deflection and the Kick Six, while this week was just completely off the rails. Still, it's 8-4. Let's not forget that 2012 was just two seasons ago, that Auburn is still going to go to a quality bowl out of the toughest division in college football just one year after winning a conference championship and finishing second in the nation.

The sky isn't falling. People are naming new assistant coaches for positions that don't have vacancies. Others are citing problems at the top.

8-4 is the worst case scenario. It'll be okay, gang.

2. What was discouraging. For the first time under Gus Malzahn, I thought an Auburn team was completely unprepared. That's heartbreaking. I've never had to face that the last two years, even in defeat. Against Georgia, they were. It was over early. Three scores seemed absolutely insurmountable early in the game, when it otherwise never has.

3. Georgia fans. Man, I heard some awful stuff about the way Georgia fans treated Auburn fans. Frankly, I'm not remotely surprised. I've had some of the worst experiences I've ever had as a visiting fan there. It's an amazing town, but those folks can get downright mean. Go back in the offseason. Don't wear orange and blue. You'll experience it completely differently.

4. Brace yourselves. If something doesn't improve quickly, the Iron Bowl is going to be really gross. Brace yourselves for the worst and hope for the best. It's basketball season now - you've got that going for you.