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Auburn Tigers vs Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Game Open Thread

The Tigers will tip off at 8pm CDT for the third game of the season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Game one of the season last Friday went well for the Tigers in the win column, but definitely showed some cause for concern. After getting out to a hot start, the Tigers went stagnant in scoring for a period of time and allowed Milwuakee to take a pretty big lead for a good chunk of the game. You can read the recap here.

Those issues in scoring carried over into the Colorado game on Monday night / Tuesday morning, as the Tigers once again went stagnant for long stretches of time and resulted in the Tigers taking a pretty big beating at the hands of the Buffaloes. You can read the quick recap here and the game review here.

Now the Tigers are set to take on the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns in the second home game of Bruce Pearl's career at Auburn. Hopefully the excitement level will be a little higher in the arena for this one since tip off is at a more reasonable time and there is a home game in town to draw in a crowd, as well.

It's time once again for Auburn Basketball. Go get 'em, Tigers.