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Auburn vs. Samford: Staff Predictions

Let's see who gets it right for tomorrow's game. Actually, have we gotten any of these right all year?

Make this fun, Gustav.
Make this fun, Gustav.
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Chris Roberts

Auburn wins. Possible preview of next year's offense. Auburn 55-10.

Dusty Miller

Auburn will win this one. I'm sure of it! The Tigers are 26-0-1 in the series history with an average score of roughyl 34-3. I'd be happy with that as the score.

I would like to see the game be well in hand by halftime and Jeremy Johnson play the entire second half.

Emily Rios

Auburn wins. I hope to see Jeremy Johnson in the second half, but I don't expect Gus to run up the score on Auburn men Pat Sullivan and Kodi Burns. Fingers crossed for a clean game, no injuries, and a final home win for the seniors.

Jared Robertson

I think Auburn will come out focused in the 1st half to try and get their edge back going into the Iron Bowl next week. Key to this game is getting the edge back, keeping players healthy, and executing at a high level with the mindset of carrying that into next week. Auburn wins big, but not too big. Gus won't rub it in against Auburn great Pat Sullivan.


Pat Sullivan remains the all-time winningest coach in Samford's history, but doesn't add to the tally. Auburn gets good reps out of its first string offense in the first half. The first string defense stays in the whole game with liberal substitutions in the second half as it gets ready for Bama. Player of the game, Roc Thomas, who goes for 175.

Sam Butler

In the final home game for the seniors, Nick comes out guns blazing. He picks up 3 TDs in the first half, and CAP adds 1 of his own. Gus is able to coast through the second half, and the guys who will be stepping up next year get a good chunk of time. Roc and JJ show some nice glimpses into the future, we get done with no injuries, and we look forward to ruining Bama's season. 42-7 Auburn.

Franklin Featherston

42-10 Auburn. The defense will play much better and Nick Marshall will shine in his final game at JHS.

Peggy Rossmanith

Auburn wins. Don't care by how much. Pat Sullivan is honored as a great man that he is. It's what we need as a family before the trip to Tuscaloosa. War Eagle.

Dr Z

This one won't be close. Let's hope Auburn can get the wheels back on before we head to T-Town.

Auburn - 56

Samford - 20

Bobby Barkley

Just an all-around good day for both teams--Auburn because we'll win, and Samford because we'll welcome Pat Sullivan and Kodi Burns back home with open arms. I think Pat Sullivan will still respect a game in the low 50's. Auburn 52, Samford 9...

...or maybe we're still on the struggle bus, and it's more like Auburn 38, Samford 20. Yeah.



Dang it, Samford might just beat us. Pat Sullivan gets carried off the field on the shoulders of his team, and he transforms into a beautiful eagle-phoenix the size of the end zone and flies into the heavens, catching all of Auburn in a glorious flame. Rhett Lashlee performs a rain dance on the sideline to ensure Pat Dye Field remains slightly in tact for next season. Meanwhile, the Bammers watch all of this on television, and Saban immediately forfeits, claiming to reporters, "I don't know what I just saw (/looks at camera)--that sorcery, witchcraft (/looks at camera), voodoo, what have you(/looks at camera). That's not who we are at The University of Alabama(/looks at camera), that's not what we're about here(/looks at camera), so I think it's just a good move(/looks at camera) to take the time for our team(/looks at camera) and our players to, you know, just not play Auburn(looks at camera)." Kiffin jumps into the frame and says, "but we'll take the win, folks!" and high-steps it back to the North River Yacht Club. Scott Cochran's head explodes a la Raiders of the Lost Ark. Peace for a thousand years.