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Auburn vs Samford: How to Watch and Preview

All the things you need to know about tonight's game.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

What: Auburn Tigers vs Samford Bulldogs

Where: Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL

When: 6pm CDT

How to Watch: ESPNU for regular TV. Yes, this game is on actual TV. Isn't modern college football watching wonderful? With this game being on TV, as far as I am aware every single Auburn Tigers game has been on broadcast television in some form or fashion. You can still check it out on ESPN3 / WatchESPN app for the internet broadcast if you need it.

How to Listen: Rod and Stan - as always - can be found here

Line: Non-existant. Come on, did you really expect there to be one?


For a serious preview, Matt's got you covered.

For a not-so-serious preview, Bobby Barkley's got your Smokin' Barn


Let's face it, there really aren't many storylines in this one. Oh sure, we can wonder whether Duke Williams is going to play, how well the defense is going to tackle, and whether the offense is going to get into a good rhythm. However, we're not going to learn terribly much from this game unless the Tigers struggle. If they struggle, then we know we're in for a nightmare in Tuscaloosa.

We didn't do a staff predictions post this week because I just really didn't think there was any need to. However, my prediction is that the first team plays for the first half. Duke Williams will not play. Jeremy Johnson gets a good bit of playing time in the 3rd quarter, but Jonathan Wallace will get the majority of the 4th quarter and maybe some of the 3rd as well. Auburn rolls. The crowd cheers like madmen for Samford coaches Pat Sullivan and Kodi Burns.

War Eagle.