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Iron Bowl Features In-Game Paul Finebaum Call In On SEC Network

This is going to get ugly.

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The Mothership has written about it already, but I figured y'all needed to hear about it from me, too. Yes, it's true. The SEC Network will feature a live episode of the Paul Finebaum show during this year's Iron Bowl.

Let's just call this "ESPN's No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Idea." At least as far as Auburn and Alabama fans should be concerned. It will probably be a ratings hit for ESPN and therefore will be a huge success for them. However, it is going to highlight the absolute worst part of both fan bases. One wonders if a certain [Name Redacted] may not be able to resist phoning in.

Can you imagine what Phyllis and Tammy are already cooking up for their inevitable call-ins? Picture the absolute craziest sides of both fan bases who regularly call in. You just know the producers are going to push them to the forefront for the entertainment value. The circus aspect of the rivalry is going to be highlighted rather than the product on the field. I'm sure College Football Twitter will be filled with people commenting on the broadcast that will direct many to tune in who otherwise may not have cared about the Iron Bowl. This is only going to ridicule the state of Alabama even more.

I have never been a fan of Finebaum. I've never listened to more than 30 minutes of his show at a time and that only 2-3 times. I don't have anything against the man, I just don't care for what he does. I've never been a fan of the smack talking aspect of any rivalry or the trolls who exist just to stir up trouble. I just enjoy the games. I understand many probably will enjoy this, but to me it's going to be embarrassing.

So that's out there. If you like Finebaum's schtick, you can tune in to this. I know I'll be doing my best to ignore it, personally.