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Cocktails and Magnolia: 24 November 2014

Real life got in the way of a link-dump this morning, so here you go this afternoon!

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So final clean up from the big exercise this weekend along with others on the staff being busy in the real world kept us from posting Coffee and Magnolia and pretty much anything else until right around noon, today. I was debating about doing one of these at all, but I have to admit I was so proud of the name and its variation on the usual theme that I just couldn't resist doing this and setting it for 5pm. Enjoy!


I posted my final "View From 102" yesterday afternoon. It was my niece's first Auburn game, so I was glad I could be there with her. I wish I had my camera out during Nova's flight, since he came the closest to our section he's come all season. I was too busy watching my niece for her reaction, though.

The Iron Bowl is coming up this weekend. So, we're going to see tons of remembrances of the Kick-Six, tons of funny videos and jokes re-emerging (Can I kick it? Yes, you can), and since it's the Iron Bowl we're going to see brand new lunacy abound. This season it appears to be ESPN and the SEC Network deciding to run a live episode of the Paul Finebaum show during the game. Oh joy.

The defense is looking for a great performance in the Iron Bowl and Linebacker Kris Frost says they're taking a lot of confidence into the game. They're likely to need it. Alabama has struggled at times this season on offense, but those have all been road games. At home Alabama has been pretty deadly.

On the injury front, we really don't have any good news to report. Defensive-End DaVonte Lambert is likely out for the game after his injury on the first defensive play of the Samford game. WR Duke Williams is still being listed as day-to-day. I'm going to go out on a limb and bet that Duke plays. Lambert is pretty much a sure-thing for missing the game, though. This means we may see Adams or Gabe Wright kicked out to defensive end again at times.

Were you concerned about the performance of Auburn's offense in the Samford game at times? Rhett Lashlee says that Nick Marshall was trying to take too much on himself. I can see Marshall trying to make a big splash in his final home game. There was one play in particular where Marshall was swallowed up for a loss when it looked like CAP could have kept and bounced outside for a big game.

In good news for the seniors, Reese Dismukes and Gabe Wright have accepted invitations to play in the Senior Bowl.

On a humorous note, Samford was using images of their former offensive coordinator (Rhett Lashlee) on their play cards in Saturday night's game.


Information for tonight's game against Tulsa in Las Vegas can be found here. It's yet another late-night game for the Tigers.

Antoine Mason's status for tonight's game is still uncertain, but it's not likely that he plays.

The ladies suffered their first loss of the season at Virginia over the weekend. They return to action on Saturday at Winthrop.