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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE. Oh man, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE The Tide. HAAAAAAAAATE HATE HATE HAAAAAAAAATE 'em. Boy I just sit around stewing sometimes about how much I hate 'em. I'll be enjoying a walk in the park on a nice autumn day or maybe some nice home made ice cream! Maybe I'll be enjoying the laughter of a child or spending time with my closest friends! Sometimes I'm pursuing happiness and just when I come close to achieving it, I stop for a second. HATE. HAAAAAAAAATE 'em. Things may be okay around me, but I need to pause and get my crap together sometimes. There's always time to spend more time hating things.

Bros, I don't live on 280 because the traffic infuriates me. I try not to go to the post office because it infuriates me. And I don't seek out opinions on the internet in order to be angry about them. It is the darnedest thing. When message boards and comment sections and Twitter and Facebook and whatever began to rise, I can see you being confused about it all. It's new. Maybe people have the same takes as me! They don't. And you've had time to know that now, so there's no excuse for seeking out anger. Don't read the comments. Don't engage with trolls. Chill out, dude. It's football.

I don't really have a lot of hot takes about Auburn beating Samford 31 - 7 or whatever it was. I had a great time in Auburn with one of my best and dearest friends on the planet. I saw another of my good pals and got to catch up on a lot of cool things that he's doing (and vice versa, I suppose, but he's cooler than me). I had some delicious wings at Island Wing Company. I don't think that is a chain, but they were delicious regardless. The main reason I made the trip this week was to see my first game as a basketball season ticket holder, and I thought I was going to be able to write super encouraging hot takes about the game I watched Friday, but then I didn't get to write this until after Monday's game. So I'll pump those brakes.

[They look really great, though, right? Cinnamon Bowers is a bunch of fun to watch, and I'm also now trying to make "Crocodile" Purchase a thing, so if you can get behind that, it's appreciated.]

Here's my hot football take, which I think I have begun here before: the exact opposite of the Kick Six happened in the Texas A&M game, an incredibly deflated Auburn team (and, if you're honest with yourself, fanbase) with not much to play for for the first time in two years got pounded by a Georgia team that had plenty left to play for and then Samford happened. idk. All of it sucked, but this team can still define its season on Saturday, and even if it loses, it was a pretty solid year and it's been a fun team to watch when it was good. I haven't given up on hope, but I've made peace with the inevitable.

This week? I'll go home. I'm going to eat lots of side dishes and casseroles with my very tiny family and watch America's Team play football. On Friday, I'll go to Pegasus Records and check out the Black Friday releases! And on Saturday, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'm going to watch the Iron Bowl with my old man. He's the dude that made me care about all of this wild football stuff, and he's not going to make me angry in his living room with hot sports takes. Maybe we'll toast a whiskey drink together. Family and friendship are awesome. War Eagle Forever.