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Home on the Plains : Thankful for Volleyball

While most of the students have left town for Thanksgiving, the volleyball team remains to defend the arena.

Julie Bennett

If you’re fortunate enough to spend the holiday on the Plains, then Auburn Athletics has two events to help you beat any cabin fever that may try to overtake you. Don’t miss the last two home volleyball matches of the season this week at the Auburn Arena. War Eagle!

Wednesday, November 26th

Volleyball vs. Kentucky, Auburn Arena, 5:00 PM

On Wednesday night Auburn Volleyball will honor our local heroes as all emergency personnel are invited to attend the match. Following the match, the team will hold an autograph signing for all fans in attendance. Admission to the match is free.

Saturday, November 29th

Volleyball vs. Mississippi State, Auburn Arena, 12:00 PM

Don’t miss the final match of the year featuring the "Auburn Volleyball Yard Sale". If you missed any of this season’s giveaway items, you’ll have a chance to pick your favorite when you enter the arena. Admission to the match is free.