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Auburn vs Oregon State Game Open Thread

The Tigers take on the Beavers in the consolation match of the MGM Grand Main Event

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So Monday night's game was pretty bad. Auburn scored 70 points less on Monday night than they did on the previous Friday. It just goes to show that Auburn has one huge flaw among it's many smaller ones right now: reliance upon one major scorer. This season, that person is KT Harrell (at least until Antoine Mason is healthy).

That's not the only flaw, though. The other is the cold spells. I'm talking the 4-5 (and sometimes up to 7 minutes) without the Tigers scoring a single basket. That's a glaring flaw. The two are tied together; if the Tigers had more than one primary scoring option, I'm sure they wouldn't go that long without a basket.

The Tigers will attempt to rebound against the Beavers tonight in Las Vegas. It's a game at a much more reasonable hour (8pm CDT), and hopefully the Auburn team that played Louisiana-Lafayette shows up instead of the team that played Colorado and Tulsa.

And perhaps more importantly, let's hope that those refs who seemed to get a rise out of calling charges aren't there, either.

Whatever the case may be, it's once again time for Auburn basketball. War Eagle, everyone.