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Staff Predictions - Iron Bowl Edition

The staff make their final regular-season picks of the season

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Peggy Rosmanith

I think Auburn either gets run out of Bryant-Denny or wins. I don't think there's a middle ground.

Why? I believe in Auburn and love it. We'll see if Auburn believes in itself.

AU 34 UA 30

Auburn had a football team when Georgia was a pup,

Auburn had a football team when Tech was growin' up,



Glory glory to ole Auburn,

Glory glory to ole Auburn,

Glory glory to ole Auburn,


War Eagle, guys. Beat Bama.


Rallying behind Nick Marshall, Auburn goes up on Alabama 17-0 and holds on for a 27-21 win.

Dr. Z

I have gone over this 100 different ways. And I just don't have faith our defense can make enough stops. If the game was at JHS, I'd like our chances the way Sims plays on the road.

We lose, but close....

Turds 31

AU 27

Franklin Featherson

Samford was up 7-0 Alabama will get all they want and more. 38-14 Tide.

Dusty Miller

I know what this team is capable of, and I believe they can reach that potential despite showing zero evidence to support my theory in the past several weeks. My head says this is a game I may not want to watch. My heart says expect the unexpected. The head & the heart don't always see eye to eye...Heart won this time. Tigers 38-31.

Emily Rios

If Auburn plays their best game of this season, we win by 1.

Bobby Barkley

I don't have any answers for how this season has gone up to this point, but I'm not complaining. The only easy day was yesterday.

People say, "Well, it's the Iron Bowl. Anything can happen." Well, okay, but there are really only 2 things that can happen: Auburn could win, or Auburn could lose.

I refuse to believe two things (loving the pairs today): a) I refuse to believe our defense is truly that atrocious, and b) I refuse to believe that Alabama is invincible. Their offense has hit their stride, I suppose, whatever that means, but it's not like our offense has completely stopped churning. Cameron Artis-Payne is still out-gaining everyone in the SEC, and that includes TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry, and TIME's Person of the Year Blake Sims. Amari Cooper might be a Heisman-worthy receiver, but aside from the bloops that Sammie Coates and Ricardo Louis have coughed up this season, we've still got much more depth at that position (especially if Duke is healthy), and I fully expect that Quan Bray, Melvin Ray, Marcus Davis, and CJ Uzomah still have something to show us this season that will make us believe that again. Nick Marshall has two games left. Let's hope he understands that there's nothing left to lose and lays it all on the line. I certainly thought JJ's passes last week were pretty as a peach...maybe that means something. If all of that is Barnin' too hard, then lock me up.

I mean, do you really believe that Lane Kiffin is better than Arthur Gustav Malzahn? Do you really believe that in your heart of Barnin' hearts?

I said earlier this week that Auburn would win 35-30. I'm going to change it up a bit. I think we come up with a win in Bryant-Denny to the tune of 31-21.


Walt Austin

I'm not holding my breath for this, but I believe we could be in line for a perfect storm. Follow me back a few weeks ago and let's talk about this. The offense was playing great against Texas A&M for the most part, but the defense struggled. However, the defense only really struggled for the first 20 minutes. In the Georgia game, it was the offense and special teams that really put us in a hole in the first half; the defense played pretty danged well until Georgia realized they werent' going to need to throw the football.

We know this is a team with a lot of talent. I think there's a good chance the defense is much better than it's appeared over the past few weeks. I know the offense is much better than it appeared against Georgia. Auburn is playing with nothing but pride on the line and the desire to play spoiler for their biggest rival.

My prediction? Gus comes out 2011 Peach Bowl style with the playbook. Nothing is off the table. The offense gains confidence with each drive, even though Alabama will get some stops. The defense makes some key stops and regains the confidence they had in the early season. Auburn wins in a hard fought game.