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Auburn vs Alabama: Iron Bowl Game Open Thread

Beat Bama

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sixty minutes.

They asked Pat Dye how long it would take Auburn to beat Alabama. He responded with "sixty minutes."

I've heard coaches tell players things along the lines of "you have to play the full sixty minutes." Nowhere was that exemplified better than last seasons' Iron Bowl.

We've all heard and told all of the jokes, seen the license plates, watched the video and listened to Rod's call hundreds - maybe thousands - of times.

There's another number that matters for this rivalry, though: 365.

For 365 days, Auburn fans have had bragging rights for this game. We've told said jokes. Laughed as Bama fans are forced to endure commercial after commercial showing Chris Davis' incredible run back.

All of that goes out the window today. Another edition of one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports will kick off at 7:45pm EST. Sixty game minutes later, there will be new stories, new heroes, and a new set of 365 days for one team's fan base to gloat over the other.

War Eagle, always. And BEAT BAMA!