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Iron Bowl Pre-Game Open Thread

Here's a place for y'all to talk all of the day's games before the Iron Bowl.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

Clean Old Fashioned Hate kicks off at noon today. The Egg Bowl is at 3:30. Florida vs Florida State, Ohio State vs Michigan, there are a ton of great football games on, today.

I'm not going to watch any of them, more than likely. I'll be heading for Statesboro with my father here in a little bit to watch the Georgia Southern game. He hasn't been back since the stadium was expanded, and this was just a good opportunity to go for a number of other reasons.

Of course, that also means I'm going to miss a good bit of the Iron Bowl. I won't be able to watch any of it (unless I can get it streaming on my phone, which won't happen until after the Georgia Southern game), but I'll be following along on Twitter and at least listening to Rod and Stan. Don't worry, though, Bobby Barkley's got you covered with the post-game recap and immediate reactions.

We've made our predictions, talked about how it may be time to lay all the cards on the table, and Barn'd as hard as one can Barn. Now we just await the opening kick. And while you're waiting, go support Aubie in the Capital One Mascot Challenge. It's a shame Aubie has never won that, and he's in the semi-finals, now. It's as simple as tweeting what Aubie ate for Thanksgiving and putting #CapitalOneAubie in the tweet or Facebook post. Cocky (South Carolina's mascot and Aubie's foe in this semi-final matchup) has gotten so desperate that he even called on Big Al to rally the Bama fans to his cause. Let's not let that happen.

The actual game thread will be up at 7pm EST / 6pm CDT. Until then, use this space for all discussions as you'd like in the comments below.

War Eagle, everyone.