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Auburn vs Alabama Recap: Tigers Fall 55-44

600+ yards offense, 40+ points, and still lose by 11

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In what will go down as one of the craziest Iron Bowls in history, the Tigers just could not put four quarters of play together against the Crimson Tide.

Auburn's offense played absolutely lights out. Nick Marshall had a record setting day for Auburn QBs. If Amari Cooper hadn't been playing, Sammie Coates would have set the record for most receiving yards. Alas, it was not to be.

Three Things We Learned

1) Auburn's offense, when rolling, is nigh unstoppable. Seriously, what a performance. And that was mostly passing. Nick balled out tonight. Every one who has doubted him all season long should be begging his forgiveness. The future looks amazingly bright with this offense, but you have to give so much credit to Nick Marshall for getting Auburn to where they are.

2) Um, we need some changes on defense. No, really. A lot. I've tried to support this staff. I really do think the defense is better than what they've shown recently. But allowing the amount of points they have in the last five conference games of the season is pathetic. If we didn't have the offense that we do, this would have been an even worse collapse over the last few games.

3) It's still great to be an Auburn Tiger. This team fought. They fought to the end. It was over and they didn't give in. They wanted it. They thought to the very end they were capable of miracles and pulling rabbits out of their hat. This is a team that never quit.

This is going to hurt. Auburn could have won that game. But Alabama was clearly the better team and Auburn just couldn't finish the drill. No matter what, I'm proud of the Tigers. Now let's go win whatever bowl game we get sent to and head into next season knowing we've got a ton of potential. This is a staff that is setting us up to be in it for championships every season. We're capable of it. A few changes and some additions on defense and we'll be there.

War Eagle. Always.