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Coffee and Magnolia: 3 November 2014

Your look around the orange and blue corner of the internet.

Doug Pensinger


If you haven't seen it, go watch it.


If you haven't noticed for yourself, the offense seems to be humming along just fine, but the defense (particularly in the passing game) is not. Joel Erickson of discusses it in an article.

Auburn started out as a big favorite against Texas A&M and it's getting even wider.

The Montgomery Advertiser talks about the "luck" issue. Seriously, when will people stop attributing everything Auburn does to luck? At some point people will begin to realize that good teams make "lucky" things happen.

Roc Thomas apparently rolled his ankle and could have returned on Saturday night. But why risk him injuring it further when CAP was running like a man possessed? He should be fine going forward.

The coordinators met with the media last night and the Montgomery Advertiser has a good roll up of what all they said.

Even with the struggles on defense, it doesn't look like Jermaine Whitehead will be returning to the defense anytime soon.


Darren Bates was juuuuuuust a bit offside.

Did you want to own Chris Davis' helmet from the Iron Bowl (and BCS Championship Game)? Well it was up for auction. And went for over $47,000. That's about $431.20 for every yard he ran.

In not-really-Auburn-related news, former Auburn recruiting target and South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore is retiring from football due to his knee issues. That really is a shame. He was such a good player and seemed to be a good kid. He ran roughshod over most everyone - though Auburn did usually hold him in check - and likely would have been a great NFL running back.


If you haven't already seen it, the Opelika-Auburn News ran a photo on Sunday that was probably not the best choice. It wasn't the front page of the paper, but it was the front page of the sports section. The photo - which is also available in the SB Nation photo album - shows Laquon Treadwell  just before his ankle breaks and he fumbles the ball. The OAN ran an editorial attempting to justify the use of the photo while saying they shouldn't have run it so large and with the headline used. I think they should have just apologized and admitted it was a bad choice. Until the point that they do, I don't think I'm going to be using any of their links in the Coffee and Magnolia page each morning.