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Post Week 14 College Football Polls

Auburn suffered their fourth loss of the season. Where do the Tigers now stand?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In years past, I would say a 4 loss Auburn team probably isn't going to be ranked, but this season that is not the case. The Tigers sit at 21st in the Coaches' Poll and 20th in the AP Poll.

An 8-4 regular season is depressing given the expectations of the preseason. It could be worse and it could be a whole lot better. We all knew that two and maybe even three losses were between highly possible and probable at the start of the season, even as we knew going undefeated was possible. It was one of the toughest schedules in college football.

I'll have more thoughts later today and tomorrow on the Iron Bowl and the season as a whole. For now, the Tigers finish the regular season at 8-4 and still ranked in the Top 25. It shows that even with those losses, the pollsters recognize that this is an impressive team. It's a good defense away from being nigh unstoppable.

Here's the full polls.

AP Coaches Massey composite
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Oregon
3 Oregon Oregon TCU
4 TCU TCU Mississippi State
5 Baylor Baylor Baylor
6 Ohio State Ohio State Georgia
7 Michigan State Michigan State Ohio State
8 Arizona Arizona Ole Miss
9 Kansas State Kansas State Florida State
10 Mississippi State Mississippi State Auburn
11 Wisconsin Wisconsin Michigan State
12 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Kansas State
13 Ole Miss Missouri UCLA
14 Missouri Ole Miss Wisconsin
15 Georgia Georgia Oklahoma
16 UCLA Oklahoma Missouri
17 Arizona State UCLA Georgia Tech
18 Oklahoma Arizona State Arizona
19 Clemson Clemson LSU
20 Auburn Louisville Arizona State
21 Louisville Auburn Arkansas
22 Boise State Boise State Clemson
23 LSU Nebraska Louisville
24 Utah LSU USC
25 Nebraska Minnesota Nebraska
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